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      TuTiTu - "Jucăriile prind viață" este un spectacol de animaţie 3D pentru televiziune destinat copiilor de 2-3 ani. Prin paginile de colorat TuTiTu stimulează imaginaţia și creativitatea copiilor In fi
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    • Was her hair virgin? Because I know its not always easy lifting black. Especially black boxed colour. It usually comes out yellow-orange or really orange which makes it really hard to create that true vibrant violet

      [HD] FULL LENGTH TUTORIAL | Purple & Pink Ombre!! *Done on Black hair* - Duration: 9:11.

      • 2 years ago
      tags: full ombre tutorial, purple hair, pink hair, asian hair,ombre,

      Click here fore more pictures of this look:

      ****MORE OMBRE VIDEOS****

      How to make natural ombre e...
    • It took about a full year for me to be able to see my full results, healing took about 3 months. When it comes to getting this surgery just be smart about it. Do your research when finding a surgeon. Consult more than one. If you want natural results, bigger isnt always better. Look at what would naturally suit you. Make sure you listen and do everything your surgeon asks to encourage a good healing process. Lastly, be PATIENT! Rememeber it takes time to see those results... dont be discouraged.

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary PART 2 1 week post op - Duration: 6:42.

      • 4 years ago
      This is PART 2 of my breast augmentation journey. This is my one week post op video. In this video I discuss my recovery so far as well as give you a peek at my process in my sports bra. I hope thi...
    • You know hun... your right... I have no regrets posting this experience, because its a tool I wish I had when I was going through it myself. People are mean, and it can throw me off guard because I would NEVER talk to someone like that. Frankly your right they dont deserve an explination or a thought for that matter. Thanks for the post hun.

      Dani's Final Results Breast Augmentation Update (its FINALLY here) - Duration: 5:53.

      • 2 years ago
      I apologize for not doing one sooner... I hope you girls enjoy seeing my final result, and hope you enjoy my series in helping you guide your decision on weither or not this procedure is right for you
    • I was 98 pounds and 5 feet when I got mine and they are 234cc silicone. However, since my surgery I gained some weight so now im about 110 pounds so they have gotten a bit bigger. I think they are perfect.

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary PART 4: 3 Months Post op - Duration: 9:20.

      • 4 years ago
      An update on my breast Augmentation :) The song in this video is Estelle ft. Kardinal Official- FREAK
    • I did not lose sensation.... but it isnt as prominent as before surgery. The thing is I was lucky enough to not go numb in that area.... but you have remember thats just one of the risks you will have to be willing to take when going into this. Just because it didnt happen to me... doesnt mean it wont happen. Everyones results are different.

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary: What to ask your surgeon informational video - Duration: 13:48.

      • 3 years ago
      Research and asking all the right questions is KEY to getting your desired results. There are so many detailed decisions to be made which most women do not even talk about with their surgeons. Thi...
    • Im going to try this tonight but with panko crumbs.... I love the crust it gives.

      How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breast - Duration: 5:43.

      • 3 years ago
      http://full.sc/LQTHYV - SUB HERE! Here's a nice recipe for stuffed breast of
      chicken. It is easy, elegant and delicious! Print this recipe at http://TheFrugalChef.com.
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    • Mine were the same... my boyfriend nick named it the GRAND CANYON becuse of the gap.... they are great now lol

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary PART 1 - Duration: 12:54.

      • 4 years ago
      This is Part 1 of my video Diary of my breast augmentation. This video includes the night before surgery, my thoughts and feelings. Along with some discussion on breast augmentation. The morning of...
    • First of all buddy... my boobs are not two different sizes... if you have at all seen my recent video they are what I call... awesome. Also... MOST women with natural breasts... do NOT have two identical shaped and sized breasts. (exactly the reason why some women are insecure in the first place) Sooo... dont bring God into this when he had nothing to do with this... technically

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary PART 3 1 Month Post op - Duration: 10:13.

      • 4 years ago
      This is my 1 month post op video updating on my breast augmentation experience. In this video I talk about my last appointment, my scars, tips, massages, pain, dropping and softening, my bra shoppi...
    • I completely agree... you dont need to do research to have an opinion. I USE to smoke weed a lot earlier on in highschool... I did get pregnant young and my 4 year relationship with the father of my child ended because he chose the influence of drugs over becomming a father. I no longer smoke and havent for years. I dont judge people who do it because I did. BUT Its a terrible drug when abused. Marijuana has affected me negatively and technically my daughter as well... hate he stuff

      MARIJUANA IS NOT COOL! - Duration: 7:54.

      • 3 years ago
      twitter feud over. and if I didn't get my point across....


      we can argue back and forth all day long. this is MY channel. MY opinion.

      you're not going...
    • Iv heard the the fat can actually reabsorb into the body. And its no guarentee that it will last and is extremely costly and limited when it comes to size. I dont know I looked into this too. I ended up getting implants in the end. I wanted a guarenteed perminent solution. Also I came out with a natural result. It can be done with a small implant :) Mine dont look fake. :)

      Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Patient Story | MiamiBreastCenter.com - Duration: 2:13.

      • 4 years ago
      http://www.MiamiBreastCenter.com (305) 365-5595. Patient story of breast augmentation with fat transfer. No implants. All natural augmentation using their own fat.
    • Having trouble with the boobaversary vid.... will be up when I can get it to work :)


    • I am here to guide women with this procedure... Im not here for yours nor any mans entertainment sorry.

      Breast Augmentation Video Diary PART 5: 6 Months Post Op - Duration: 5:58.

      • 3 years ago
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