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  • Nice to listen to . What tuning are you using ?

    Stan Sape - Only Rain & I (Easy Listening Guitar, Fingerstyle)

    Watch it in high quality (HD).
    This song is from My Fingerstyle Album.
    For recording this song I used the Guitar Furch OM-32SM (Stonebridge OM-32-SM).
    This is Easy Listening Guitar music and Mu...
  • Hi Matt,Im thinking of buying an OM 22 sm. I have a G23 cr and not sure if I want the OM to be rosewood or mahogany.I watched your OM22 sm demo and liked what I heard , punchy, bright and responsive. My question is, what would change with the OM being spruce and rosewood? I love my 23 cr and will be keeping it .Will an OM with spruce and rosewood sounnd much different than my 23 ?

  • Hi,I've watched most of your stonebridge Utube demos, and noticed that the different models you play all have that lovely dry woody sound.I recently bought a stonebridge g23cr with the same qualities.It came with light gauge elixers.I would like to brighten up the treblesa little.I am thinking of trying mediums or maybe a different string brands--- or both.Were the guitars you were playing strung with mediums or lights? If anyone else can help,please advise .john

    Model F59 -

    Model F59 : Serial 05/2006
  • great tone , i just bought a g23cr with light elixirs,great bass but would like to brighten up the trebles,thinking of trying mediums. what are you using ? what do you recommend?

    Gerogia on my mind

    Location: Stairwell

    Guitar: Stonebridge GS 25 CR Elite by Furch

    Camera: Casio Exilim EX-Z400

    There're no sound effects added
  • Nam. I see you've done a great job with you're version of Pete's tune.I've been using his and you're U tube demo to learn it .I 'm almost finshed.I had the most trouble learning the beginning part just after your slow intro.I't would have great to have the music. Anyway,I.m always looking for the perfect sounding guitar and liked the sound of your Goodall.What model is it? John ( USA)

    NamGeol Han Plays 'Over the Rainbow'

    Over the rainbow arr. by Pete Huttlinger

    James Goodall Guitar
    John Pearse Strings
    MXL 990 Mic
    Logitech Webcam

    Sorry!! No Tabs available !!
  • Haythem ... I like the tune .My new stonebridge came with elixir 80 20s .I'd like to brighten the treble .i've been told to try elixir poosopher bronze or d'addario eg 16s.i don't want the bass brighter only the treble.What do you recomment

    Haythem Mohamed - Smile On Through

    First video on my new Stonebridge Guitar! Hope you all like it, if you do like please subscribe, I'll be uploading at least once a week for a few weeks. If you're watching from Canada and met me at...
  • Trevor , nice touch.

    I just purchased a g23 cr. It came with elixir 80 20's and I would like to get a little more brightness from my treble notes.The bass seems to override.I noticed your trebles are nice and bright.What kind of strings do you use and what do you recommend? John

    Trevor Gordon Hall - That Old Familiar Pain

    CD & Guitar Tabs available at and most other online digital music stores.

    Visit Trevor Gordon Hall at and
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