• Making a Spatter Painted Subwoofer - DIY Build

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    A brand new JBL Stage 1210 12" 4 Ohms subwoofer to be installed into a ported MDF wedge-shaped enclosure having a total volume of 2.133 cubic feet and tuned down to 29Hz. Final subwoofer system tuning and efficiency is -3dB @ 32.6Hz.

    00:00 - TinkedCard enclosure design and layout. Can be copied in this link https://www.tinkercad.com/t......
    00:07 - Trapezoidal enclosure volume calculator used is http://www.hometheatershack......
    00:15 - Box-Port Design II calculation of Thiele/Small parameters.
    00:30 - Brand new JBL Stage 1210 subwoofer unboxing.
    00:48 - Cutting down a whole sheet of fresh MDF to size.
    01:38 - Gluing and clamping all cut panels together.
    01:53 - Sketching a diagonal back panel and getting the degree of angle of a trapezoidal wedge enclosure.
    02:12 - Cutting the diagonal back panel according to the acquired angle degree on a table saw.
    02:50 - Gluing and clamping the wedged-shaped back panel.
    03:23 - Routing a hole for the subwoofer driver surface flush mount style.
    03:54 - Cutting holes for speaker terminal and port tube.
    04:05 - Making braces to hold the port tube down. A half inch thick MDF is used. Drill holes into the braces to lessen the volume displacement and to let air go pass through freely.
    04:15 - Glue down the port tube braces.
    04:25 - Cut a 4" PVC pipe into 15.5" long as per Box Port tuning suggestion.
    04:33 - Flare one end of the PVC port tube. For a tutorial on how to flare a PVC pipe, click and watch this video https://youtu.be/wXb3uHl9xj...
    04:35 - A generous amount of hot glue will hold down the port tube very good.
    05:00 - Gluing side panels.
    05:15 - Trim the rough edges of the box using a flush trim bit.
    05:33 - Use a tilt-base trim router to cut angled panels and edges. For more tutorial about this, go and watch this video https://www.youtube.com/wat......
    05:47 - Use a roundover bit to smooth the edges and give a nice look.
    06:10 - Sand and prime paint the box. I prefer to use a lacquer primer paint. Can give very smooth results.
    06:18 - Hand sand the prime painted box using a 120 grit sandpaper.
    06:28 - Top coat with a white acrylic latex paint. Small fine foam roller covers faster.
    06:36 - Spatter, splatter and speckle two shades of colors. I used black and grey gloss latex paints.
    06:44 - Optional felt footing on the underside can be of a cool feature.
    06:52 - Soldering speaker driver into cup terminal with 12 AWG speaker cable.
    07:22 - A drill or an impact driver is very helpful in sinking the T-nuts into MDF enclosure. Black allen hex bolts are perfect in fastening the subwoofer in place.
    08:00 - Final product showcase. ENJOY!

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