• JP ONE "Million" (Official Video)

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    The first single from JP ONE's highly-anticipated Atonement album is "Million" (prod. Pig Pen). The video shot by B Hughes TV is a motion picture styled video that embodies every element of the track.

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    Verse 1:
    No need for the parlay… Been paid, so we celebrate all day
    Real ass hole… No need for you to call 'Ye
    I can tell you what the kings and the Gods say
    Found a loop hole
    Looped soul in a crawl space
    Niggaz turn emoji in the public...
    They all face
    No artistic integrity they all trace
    Then have the nerve to quote
    What the laws say
    Y'all play wit it
    I play digits
    I seen ... I conquer ,Y'all can't get it
    Y'all ain't did it…Y'all ain't live it
    So, y'all can't hear it…Y'all ain't wit’ it
    Me... I been different, been something else
    Born alone die alone needs no help
    No benefactors, got it for my self
    No benefits if they played me to the left
    Say what they pleaseI was me from the start
    They had wants and needs, but they couldn't find the heart
    Guppies in the pool with piranhas and the sharks
    Thinking niggaz fooled cause they tryna play a part
    They really wanna ballBut the bully's in the park
    So they looking for a hope and a dreamIn the dark
    Triple doubles triple beams is the means for the stars
    They ass but the gassed, still they wouldn't get far

    Cash to the ceiling
    They point fingers at the villain
    Lord willin’…
    Pretty soon I’ll be sitting on a million…
    I bought the building…
    Still they laugh at the villain
    Lord willin’…
    Pretty soon I’ll be sitting on a million…

    Verse 2:
    There's no discrepancies with derelicts
    Niggaz who disrespect the grind at anytime deserves a traitor’s death
    Made enough to make it right where I made a left
    Or slide through where some artists never made a step
    We broke bread then we brethren til I feel different
    If you bludgeon by revenge then it's still business
    Fam First... Fuck a verse, where's the guillotine
    And salt for the wound, they assume... I am really KING
    Only broke folks still mean mugging
    Professional middlemen never seen hustlin’
    Groupons and futons whole teams fronting
    Like this money and respect don't mean nothing
    Either they salute me or they shoot me
    They think they gotta hate me just to prove they ain't a groupie
    Wolves run in packs... Fuck the loosies
    They tryna play gangsta, but these muthafuckaz goofy


    Verse 3:
    They place judgment and I love it
    Unable to conceive what I conjured
    They thinking on a budget
    Believe in the improbable
    Impossible is nothing
    Progress is processing
    If my heart is still pumping
    Lost blood in the flood
    That's a testament
    There's no need to deny what is evident
    Ever since
    The room got smaller
    I'm perceived as the elephant
    Never uncomfortable
    The grind is my element
    They wondered if I found youth’s fountain
    Naw, but my faith is strong enough
    To resurrect and move mountains
    I'm on my third wind, but who's counting
    I've already exceeded expectations
    How the fuck are you sounding
    I've learned about speed and endurance
    You racing through the day
    Chasing fate... And defeated by the morning
    My sun sets and keeps rising cause I'm on it
    Can't nobody want it how I want it

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