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  • FitzSimmons || Inside These Lines

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    Coloring by HideThenSeek.
    I own the editing of this video ONLY.

    I've done it. I have FINALLY done a fanvideo about my FitzSimmons, my poor li'l babies. I love them with all my heart, they've been through so much and I just want them to talk to each other, to listen to each other and especially to face their problems and accept that they've both changed, that their relationship won't ever be the same, but that they can still be together either as friends or something more. Last episode showed quite clearly that they argue and they don't totally understand and accept each other yet, but they're absolutely bound to each other and they still care about and love each other (whatever form of love it may be). I think this will lead to something good eventually, I don't believe they are making them - and us - go through so much for nothing. I have hope for those two.
    Btw, you have NO idea how much I've wanted to make a FitzSimnmons fanvid but I couldn't 'cause of a thing called "real life". LOL
    I'm not 100% happy with the editing, but I don't hate it either, all considered I'm quite happy with it, also because I've used one of my favourite songs ever and it was haunting me lately 'cause I think it really suits their current situation. I also used a couple lines from the song to make a wallpaper about them, that you can find here: http://chiaratippy.devianta...
    In the process of making the video, I had to rewatch some scenes - like "the pod" - and it surprised me that I found myself crying like the first time I've watched them. Iain and Elizabeth are so good, I think they're doing a wondeful job.
    Well, I'll stop bothering you with my fangirling - I honestly thought I was going to write some incoherent nonsense due to my fangirl feelings, but I've done quite well xD - and stuff and let you watch the video. I hope you like it :) Let me know what you think, I'd really like to read your opinion (and maybe your fangirling) in the comments :) Enjoy!

    "There was this girl that I like"
    "We weren't friends [...] He hated me [...] Then we just realised that combined we were twice as smart"
    "'Cause I'm pretty sure that every minute of every day you've been stuck in a lab right beside, at academy, at sci ops, this plane. You've been beside me the whole damn time"
    "But she didn't feel the same way as I do, so she left"

    "Hi Fitz"

    "You look different, that's all"

    "You left! And because what, 'cause you think I'm useless!"
    "That's not why I left"
    "Then why?"
    "I'm going to leave the lab"
    "But why?"
    "The only thing that makes him worse... is you"
    "I know, why do you think I left?"

    "I'm trying not to treat you any differently"
    But I am different"

    "I'm doing what we always do"
    "I needed help"
    "We're gonna fix this. Together"
    You gave up on me"

    "We were in the bottom of the ocean [...] He said something that caught me completely off guard"
    "Why would you make me do this, you're my best friend in the world!"
    "Yeah, and you're more than that Jemma. And I couldn't find the courage to tell you. So please, let me show you"
    "I barely had a moment to process what he was saying and how I felt about it"
    "Next thing I know he's giving me the oxygen"
    "How long was Fitz in the coma?"
    "Nine of the longest days of my life"

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