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    This is my first long Darvey vid and it's a total mess! But Darvey held hands and he said he didn't want to be alone while making that face and I just lost my shit. After showing all the couples at the end of the episode I was like "Okay, they're going to have a scene, I'm sure" and when they showed them and she asked him if he wanted to be alone and he said no, I was like "OMG something's going to happen... Not a kiss, that's for sure... ohmygod they're going to hold hands! ... OMGTHEYAREHOLDINGHANDS!!!" That's basically what happened while I was watching the scene and having a thing for this kind of scenes, my heart just burst with joy. So I had to do this. Plus, I've had this song ready for them since season 5, I was just waiting for evil Korsh to give us something! I just hope he would stop wasting time and get them together, they would be such a power couple! I mean, they already are, but they would have a new level of intimacy that would make them unstoppable imo. Well, I hope you'll like it! Let me know what you think

    "I'm sorry, do we..."
    "Know each other? Not yet. But today's your lucky day"
    "And why is that?"
    "Because it's the day you get to meet Donna"
    "Told you I'm not like every other secretary"
    "And let me guess, you're Donna"
    "You have no idea how Donna I am"
    "I'm Donna"

    "You just didn't stop treating me like family"
    "This is not like two adults who care about each other move on"
    "As far as I'm concerned, two adults who care about each other don't move on at all"
    "You started treating me like a stranger"
    "Anyone else ever loses faith in me, doesn't matter"
    "How is that different than all the times you've risked me?"
    "Because she's different"
    With you it's different"
    "You know I love you Donna"

    "Think about what your life would be like without her"
    "You just made partner"
    "We just made partner"
    "She's irreplaceable"

    "she must be very special"
    "She is"

    "Harvey and I are like this"
    "Donna is one thing that I can't give you"
    "I'm leaving you Harvey"
    "You're capable of looking at me that way"
    "You're into me"
    "but you don't wanna let those worlds collide because you're afraid to risk anything"
    "Because we have everything"
    "No Harvey, you have everything"
    "So you're saying you want everything?"

    "What makes you think that I would ever, ever come back to you"
    "Donna, please"
    "I love you Harvey"

    "Would you have wanted a relationship with him?"
    "I would've wanted to try"

    "I want you to be happy"
    "Harvey, you're a good man"
    "Am I?"
    "I think you're worthy"
    "I don't want to find out what kind of lawyer I'll be without you"
    I'm focusing on having faith in Harvey"
    "I have faith in you"
    "That doesn't make me a good ma, that makes you a good man for me"
    "And I don't wanna lose you"
    "You're as close as two people can be without being that"
    "I'm a Harvey fan"
    "I'm a Donna fan"
    "The woman in my dream was Donna"
    "Just isn't up to me to decide what that means"
    "Harvey has no idea what he's missing"

    "I wanted to thank you"
    "For what"
    "For 12 years"

    "You need me"
    "I need you"
    "You asked me to come back to your desk"
    "You're saying you're coming back to me"
    "I sure as hell did"

    "Are you going to be okay?"
    "Yeah, I'm going to be okay"
    "You wanna be alone?"

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