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    As you will see, this video has little to do with making a skillful and wonderful editing, and it has very much to do with trying to achieve my goals for it, that is, telling their story from the beginning 'til the last scene they've had this far by continually going backwards and forwards and trying to make some parallels on how their relationship developed. My other goal was to not just show the development of their story, but how that came to be and their story is all about honour lost and found, Jaime's shit-for-honour reputation and how he started believing in it again after he understood what kind of person Brienne was, what kind of knight she was. And of course I wanted to show how she went from being one of the oh so many who consider Jaime to be an oathbreaker, to be probably the one and only person who trusts his word and believes him to be a man of honour, a knight. And finally, the reason why I started this video in the first place: their faces, because Nikolaj and Gwen just do such an amazing job at not talking about their characters' feeling but showing them through their faces, especially Nikolaj. I mean, J/B haters should rewatch their scenes together, because they would see through his face just how much Brienne means to him, and honestly, for me, you can see it in his eyes, in his half-hidden smiles, that he's falling for Brienne. I was rewatching their scenes while making my first video about them a few weeks ago and I was like "Someone make Nikolaj stop because he's killing me!" He's just so good and Jaime's feelings for her in the show are pretty clear to me every time I see his face. That's why I focused on their facial expressions - you may notice how I zoomed in on their faces in certain scenes - I wanted their emotions to be as clear and as visible as possible. Plus, this song is now one of their songs for me, I really wanted to use it to make a video about them, even though the lyrics aren't a super perfect match for them, but they really are in some parts and can be on some extent in others and I tried somehow to match them with the scenes as much as possible. And I think I managed to make a nice job. I had made a first version of this video but I didn't quite feel like I had achieved what I wanted, so I let it go for a few days to return on it once I had some new ideas in mind. So, yesterday I started changing some things and then the rest came by itself and I finally made a video I could consider good enough to be uploaded. I hope you find it good enough too. :)


    "You gave it to me for a purpose. I've achieved that purpose"

    "It's yours"

    "Why do you hate me so much, have I ever harmed you?"
    "You've harmed others..."
    "Tell me..."
    "...Those you swore to protect"
    "...How do you live with yourself?"

    "What are you doing?"
    "I'm dying"
    "You have a taste of the real world and you quit. You need to live"

    "Goodbye, ser Jaime"

    "I'll find her, for Lady Catelyn. And for you"

    "I'm sick of fighting, let's call a truce"
    "You need trust to have a truce"
    "I trust you"

    "They say the best swords have names. Any ideas?"
    "There it is. That's the look. Kingslayer. (Kingslayer) Oathbreaker. Man without honour (A man without honour)"

    "You love him"
    "How do you wanna go?"
    "In the arms of the woman I love"
    "Help, the Kingslayer!"
    "Jaime, my name's Jaime"

    "Goodbye, Brienne"

    "It's yours. It'll always be yours"
    "She is a truer Knight than you will ever be"
    "Burn them all, he said. I slit his throat to make sure that didn't happen"
    "You're a knight, ser Jaime"
    "Tell me, would you have done it? Would you have kept your oath then?"
    "You gave your word"
    "I need your word"
    "You have my word"
    "I swear it"
    "I know there is honour in you"
    "I know what you did for me"
    "Is that Estermont?"
    "It's called the sapphire isle because of the blue of its water"
    "We have to return to Harrenhal..."
    "I'm taking her, unless you kill me"
    "...I've left something behind"
    "Why did you help me?"
    "Tarth, ser Jaime. The sapphire isle"

    "One last thing, ser Jaime"
    "Yes, Lady Brienne?"
    "Honour compells me to fight you"
    "Let's hope it doesn't come to that"

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