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    Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing by http://centerofintention.com/

    This term energy healing often does, as I said before, refers to someone who is a practitioner, very specifically trying to affect the energy field of another person. And often using their hands on the body or above the body in order to do that. I like the term alternative healing because that's a much broader term, it encompasses a lot more and when I work with people I'm generally not interested just in the physical body. I'm interested in the connections between the body and the emotions and the spirit. Those connections are often very hidden for people. They don't know what the connections are.

    I'm working based on the principle that the human being is one creature, one thing. And all these aspects and facets of who we are are actually ultimately one thing. The reason to look at it that way is because that's the way that people heal. Otherwise you can go to a medical doctor; they'll give you a pill for your body. You can go to a psychotherapist and just talk about your feelings or behavior change. You can go to school, they'll teach you something. You can go to church and they have a certain belief system. But if you want to bring all of that together, and I think we do have to bring all of that into balance and that ultimately is what healing is about, and if we want to heal at a deep level or if we come to know ourselves at a really deep level then we have to look at it from the holistic, the whole person perspective.

    I'm going to say more about that, okay? Because I do have a Doctor of Theology background and I am ordained. And what I believe is that the spiritual perspective is the best vantage point to bring all of those different aspects or facets together. And so I support all kinds of other healing. I support having my client go to an MD for western healing or to an oriental medical practitioner or a chiropractor or a rolfer or whatever it may be. Because all of those things actually support healing, but ultimately I think it is the spiritual perspective that best brings it all together in a total picture.

    What types of emotional issues are out there that you could see spiritual healing or energy healing or alternative healing really supporting those people?

    The first thing that immediately comes to mind for me is anger. I will have people come and see me and they have an issue with anger. Maybe something their spouse is doing makes them angry all the time. They're not sure why they get angry or what to do about it. They think they should make a behavior change and they don't know how.

    The thing, for example, with anger there's a lot that can be said about it. First of all, anger is simply an energy. And there's nothing essentially wrong with it. Its purpose is to move us. Its purpose is to get us to move our muscles to make change in the world. If we don't do that it actually can also become internally destructive. So we might get a headache or we might get digestive problems or we might get arthritis. We can even get more serious illnesses than that. So the thing about anger, for example, is it does need to be moved through. The purpose isn't to suppress it.

    Then when we start to look at anger and what does it mean for the person, almost inevitably - well, inevitably anger, when there is anger it's only because there is a threat. Nobody ever - I am fond of saying nobody ever, ever, ever gets angry unless there is a threat to them. And the threat is always to who they see themselves to be, who they long to be, who they are committed to be in life. And somehow that belief or commitment has been violated. And when that occurs, people get mad because the threat is really very deep.

    So when I work with people and they're seeking some kind of a behavior change around that, I want them to be able to see for themselves what is it that is the threat to them when they do get angry. What's going on? Why does it happen? And then from that place it's possible to start making real change because we now have choices about the situation and it's possible to see, "Well, that isn't really happening. It's not happening now. That's a belief that I had and all that happened is this person said X and I heard a threat to my beliefs and my desires."

    If you're ready to let go of the negative feelings holding you back in life Dr. Egli is here to support you through the process. Learn more about how Center of Intention can support you through the healing process. Learn more at http://centerofintention.com/ or call 480-582-3374.

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