• P4 Moments in 1080p Play all

    A few of my fav Persona 4 events rendered in pcsx2 with settings to the max.
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  • Final Fantasy VII Summon Spirits Complete Play all

    All summon monsters from PSX Final Fantasy VII.

    Summons: [#1] Choco/Mog (Wind) 14MP, Shiva (Ice) 32MP, Ifrit (Fire) 34MP, Ramuh (Thunder) 40MP, Ttian (Earth) 46MP

    [#2] Odin (Slash) 80MP, Leviathan (Water) 78MP, Phoenix (Fire) 180MP, Kjata (Thunder/Ice/Fire/Earth) 110MP

    [#3] Typoon 160MP, Alexander 120MP, Hades 150MP, Knights of Round 250MP

    [#4] Bahamut 100MP, Bahamut Neo 140MP, Bahamut Zero 180MP

    Enemies: [#1] Beachplug/Spencer, Dorky Face, Warning Board, Ghost Ship/Corvette, Palmer

    [#2] Black Bats, Guard System, Frozen Nail/Bandersnatch/Shred, Tonberry/Killbin/Gremlin

    [#3] Hundred Gunner, Hojo/Bad Rap Sample/Poodler Sample, Harpy, Dual Horn/Under Lizard

    [#4] Grunt

    [#1] "Hurry!" w/ sound effects
    [#2] "Sneyato Forest" w/ sound effects
    [#3] "The Birth of a God" w/ sound effects
    [#4] "You Can Hear The Cry Of The Planet" /w sound effects

    Locations: Various
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