welcome to my channel!! =)

welcome to my channel!! =)

i don't own a video camera so you'll mostly find here a collection of my favorite videos from other talented individuals! =)

a *GiNoRmOuS ThAnK YoU* to all of you creative, intelligent, dedicated people who have made me a happier, more informed, better person thru your video creating & posting skillz!!

i hope you can recognize the importance of *YOUTUBE* for more than it's *fun* factor & realize its relevance for social justice!!

*ThAnK yOu* youtube for giving some power back to the people!!

god bless you & god bless america!!

xoxo ~ e

ps...  WHAT?!?

so they freed paris after only *3* days!!  And they're counting her time served as 5 days & allowing her to be under house arrest...

wow.  i hope she doesn't get tooooo upset in her HUGE MANSION with her same old boriiiiing toys.

no justice!! no peace!!!

fight the power america! if we collectively ignore her for a YEAR i think it might actually kill her...  wanna try it?  xoxo ~ e
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