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John Burman

  • Without knowing the personal aspect, an explanation might be that we all eventually continue where we left off in a previous life. This leads to strange decisions - even breakdowns or suicide for no apparent reason. I respect integrity, we have to live honestly, but the idea of enlightenment to some is to escape from their life. While we are human we will have day to day issues & we may also expand our consciousness they are not separate options. Even in the Ashram life is ordinary - no escape.

    My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda - Swami Kriyananda - 9/26/2009 Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, and his close, direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.
  • Mugabe has democratic elections which he just happens to win every time. His opponents seem never make it to the ballot box. Seriously though, as long as the masses feel they are participating they won't turn on their rulers - its much easier than crude control. It allows for a degree of freedom and so its about as good as it can be in this distorted reality. The trick to power is "misinformation" so real motives are disguised. Marketing managers keep this thing going without Mugabe methods.

    Russell's Brand of Marxism is no Better than the Original

    The Peter Schiff Show (10/29/2013)
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  • The need to manipulate others by religious conversion or spiritual marketing has happened in all ages. I suggest reading the Golas book "Love & Pain" to get his later more mature take on life and the New Age idea. He rejected exploitation (of our need to avoid pain) by slick salesmen peddling Utopia. To be human is a choice - but it may be an uncomfortable one. The alternative is simply not to come back here again if we can.

    It shouldn't get much lazier than this

    Words taken from The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment by Thaddeus Golas (1924-1997), song by Ott: Smoked Glass & Chrome. If the text changes too quickly for you, watch the original, slower version...
  • Golas says pain is the discomfort of differences in behaviour of self conscious life systems in proximity to each other. We overcome this by either moving away - domination over - or simply outlasting the other one. This last is Stoicism and we do it whether we know it or not. It is obviously better to understand why and how this happens.

    I cannot recommend his book "Love & Pain" enough - it has helped me understand the deepest issues of our lives.

    Stoicism Today: so far & in the future

    A discussion between Professor Christopher Gill and PhD Student Patrick Ussher, giving an overview of the Stoicism Today project, and future plans.

    Join the discussion by adding your comments bel...
  • Can the USA admit that their military is obsolete in modern warfare. Aircraft carriers with thousands of combatants are posturing - thats all. Warfare is already economic using gold leasing and currency wars. In the world economy politicians are the problem everywhere. Coming from Africa I was fortunate to get cured of the patriotism idea when young.

    Debtoxication (ft. 'Dr Doom' Peter Schiff)

    Addicted to debt, moving from one quick fix to the next -- this is how the world sees America's debt ceiling saga. With its craving only temporarily satisfied, we're guaranteed to see a rerun of th...
  • Rick Roderick says that the post modern problem is not in finding people who disagree with your philosophy but in finding people who have any point of view at all.

    Philosophy, Logic And Reason

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    Stephen Fry @ BigThink: Philosophy, Logic And Reason.

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  • Well even after 5 days I notice an improvement in my sleeping. I walk around during the day quietly saying any words which will vibrate my tongue and other parts of the throat repeatedly for around 15 minutes to half an hour altogether. I will keep it up and report back.

    Snoring cured by singing exercise

    A study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has proved that snoring can be reduced simply by singing.

    For three months, the patients in the clinical trial have been doing singing ex...
  • Philip as you implied, knowledge sets us free. I am trying to encourage those with deeper perceptions to read Thaddeus Golas book "Love &Pain". He explains why our life has to be stoic. As an example if our body cells were not willing to experience pain we would embrace every disease in the vicinity. We need to endure physical and emotional pain to be human - yet we may also fully expand awareness where all is bliss, both are possible to humans though instant gratification (ie. drugs) is deadly.

    Stoic Philosophy by Philip Hansten (Part 1)

    An introduction to Stoic philosophy. The First of 3 parts.
    by Dr. Philip Hansten, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
    Link to Ernest Becker Foundation:
  • Wondering what happened to 16 and beyond. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

    Scamp 179 build 015

    SCAMP #179 mini microcruiser being built at Largs, South Australia. Designed by John Welsford, commissioned by the Small Craft Advisor magazine. This video shows dry fit bulkheads 1, 2, 3 and 8, an...
  • Pity he didn't say that if the government insists on walking around throwing printed money with no interest attached up in the air for the bankers to catch - who can blame the bankers for being corrupt and taking it. Corruption comes from the cynical manipulation of worthless paper money by a broken system that has brain washed the masses to believe in state control.

    Peter Schiff educates misguided people at occupy wall street.

    Economist and Investor Peter Schiff seeks to educate some misguided people on the value of a "TRUE free market system and real capitalism.
  • Well I agree with you that all we are doing is allowing the "witness" to be a witness of itself. What I am talking about is the lack of information in the past of how to actually do this - should I say how to let go of doing whatever you are doing. It is the experience that matters because complete subjectivity is only experience. Words don't help they only allude to it. In my experience TM was the first "pop" version of how to do it - not the only one by any means. They say LSD also works.

    Colin Wilson - The Occult part 1

    Colin Wilson, The Occult Vision. Berkeley, November, 1988. Part 1.
  • I was interested in reading the book after this interesting talk. However the book reviews on Amazon are not so complementary. I will give it a miss this time.

    Predictioneer: How to predict the future with game-theory

    Speaker: Professor Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
    Chair: Professor Richard Steinberg
    This event was recorded on 21 October 2009 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
    Hailed as 'the new Nostradamu...
  • Cycling and kayaking are very complementary forms of exercise - ideal for Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam Grachtenfahrten per Kayak

    Eine sehr schöne Art Amsterdam vom Boot aus kennenzulernen.
    related links and videos:
  • Have you noticed how many say they have heard an angel when she sings. Every time I hear her I am moved something silly! - cannot describe it - its so sublime. When you hear this kind of singer it goes way beyond the song to some deep level to where she is cannot fake it, like they are doing nowadays. They have destroyed singing for me.

    Woodstock (Full Version) - Eva Cassidy

    This is Eva's incredible cover of Joni Mitchell's brilliant song: "Woodstock". It is from the CD: "Live at Pearls"
  • blah blah ...bad whites... good savages. Maybe the word "cook" made them hungry = kill & eat. This liberal white self flagellation is so yawnworthy ... long live Obama. Destroy all whites.... be happy!!

    The Amazing Life and Strange Death of Captain Cook: Crash Course World History #27

    In which John Green teaches you about the life and death of one of history's great explorers, Captain James Cook of the British Navy. He charted large swaths of the Pacific ocean, laid claim to Aus...
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  • I admire your courage. My experience of talking about the future, even about investments gets a negative response. I agree that some people will adapt and improvise and others won't make it. This system is very fragile. I lived in Zimbabwe and that was surrounded by stable countries - when this sucker goes down there will be no help.

    Dmitry Orlov: Peak Oil Lessons From The Soviet Union

    Dmitry Orlov, engineer and author, warns that the US's reliance on diminishing fuel supplies might be sending it down the same path the Soviet Union took before it collapsed.

    In this fifth video i...
  • Interesting ideas. I am trying to understand why inflation is so high in emerging economies (South Africa in particular) compared to USA and Europe - this is helping.

    Exporting inflation and toxic MBS

    I describe the method that America exports their inflation and how the toxic MBS could be inflationary wether they are held to maturity or sold before.
  • Thanks - just what I needed. I have leeks flowering in the second year by chance, having left them unharvested as edibles. I never realised what wonderful flowering and sculptural garden plants, attracting flies and bees of all shapes and sizes. They have a faint uniony smell - not unpleasant. I will grow them for flowers and vegetables in future. Very helpful video.

    How to Save Leek Seeds

    Saving heirloom leek seeds
  • the "DEADWOOD" of radio.

    Keiser Report: NSA-spread Digital AIDS (E487)

    • by RT
    • 7 months ago
    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that banks are lobbying to force credit unions to become banks in order to destroy the Move Your Money competitiv...
  • I like you loose technique and helpful tips. Thank you.

    Comment commencer à vendre son art

    Pour en savoir plus sur comment j'ai commencé ma carrière, regardez ce vidéoblog:
    Et, pour plus de déails sur les méri...
  • Go work for Rothschild if you can, or read and study what really drives the world markets, this is inside knowledge - learn from reality not prejudice or misinformation. The world is and always has been a harsh place where money is a God but you don't have to be a sacrificial victim. It takes guts to invest and take risk but that is the only way to improve your situation - and always has been.

    How to Stay Out of Debt: Warren Buffett - Financial Future of American Youth (1999)

    Buffett became a billionaire on paper when Berkshire Hathaway began selling class A shares on May 29, 1990, when the market closed at $7,175 a share. In 1998, in an unusual move, he acquired Genera...
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  • This is so far not too convincing. For example Speer himself stated that if the allied bombing had targeted ball bearing factories the war could have been shortened by a year.

    It was bomber Harris (opposed by the US) who wanted civilian targets as a priority (which only stiffened German resistance). This was a tactical error, as may have been the case in other factories mentioned here - not some conspiracy.

    [2 of 6] The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - Dr. Antony Sutton

    A classic interview by Professor Antony Sutton, who taught economics at California State University, and was a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.
    In this talk, Prof. Sutt...
  • At 4.35 he explains a most useful method of dropping ego - getting outside of the conditioned mind. Another way suggested by Thaddeus Golas (Lazy man's guide to enlightenment) is to say to all the bad thoughts or people who are troubling the mind, "love that person" then to say "love myself for hating them" or whatever. This is a way to inner freedom - try it.

    James Baldwin - interview - pt. 1

    Author James Baldwin
  • The domestication of humanity is nearly completed. The rules of the farm are : Money is the means of mass control. Politics is the sales pitch. Bank profits are private - bank debt is public. Men and women are androgynous. Conversation becomes sound bites. Art is trivialised. Music and entertainment gutter talk.This has the intentional effect of numbing consciousness to reduce all resistance to controlling of resources. There will be no serious debate left as this continues.

  • Isn't it fascinating so few people have watched this. That is why the banksters can pull it off - nobody cares. In Ireland I used to ask "where does all the money come from ?"(in a country of mainly farmers). Nobody had a clue. Then I used to ask if there was no adult guidance for youngsters taking 100% mortgages on expensive houses - once again a blank look. That's why these thieves continue the scams as we speak.

    "Inside Job" Financial Crisis Documentary (2010) HD

    Inside Job is a 2010 documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis directed by Charles H. Ferguson. It is described as being about "the systemic corruption of the United States by the fina...
  • Livingstone has been there and done it. I am reading his memoirs and although he was an opportunist socialist/communist when young he speaks normal language now, it seems he has mellowed. Farage is on the way up and a little bit hysterical at times. I think Europe could become more right wing as a reaction to this EU fiasco. If it breaks up these countries might become even more atavistic - retrogressive.

    UKIP Nigel Farage & Red Ken Livingstone on collapsing Eurozone Sky News 10 Jun 2012

    Labour Ken Livingstone agrees with UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage that the Eurozone must breakup.
  • That is a good explanation of the fundamentalist - a fear of having a wider view and what it might make you have to consider. Fear of the complexity of life.

    RetroBites: Alice Munro (1979)

    • by CBC
    • 3 years ago
    Award winning author Alice Munro complains after some schools ban "The Lives of Girls and Women."
  • William Blake said similar things about the tyranny of Newtonian scientific thinking and its effect on our minds around 200 years ago. That was in the infancy of science and now we can only understand everything in material terms. But science gave weapons and power to the elites - who now control their subject's minds in every way.

    Its no surprise that our greatest pleasure comes from consumerism. Sex - love - art - music have all been commoditised. We must return to a state of being or be lost.

    The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock (Removed TED Talk)

    TED removed this video today...
    Information is viral, it wishes to be free
  • I remember as an architectural student I was trying to "solve" problems of design in ways I thought worked well, at least to me. Other students who have since gone on to be "succesful" were trying to find solutions that some famous architects had arrived at for similar problems. I thought they were poseurs - but who cared what I thought. Their work was flashy and fooled everyone. Nobody seemed to care that it was fake.

    Never underestimate the superficiality of so called expert taste.

    Bad Writers Have Nothing to Say

    The biggest mistake that novice screenwriters make is trying to follow what's trendy.
  • He was right in 2007 and I see no reason why he should be wrong now. Its all so quiet right now but my gut feeling is not good.

    Vicious Gold Rally Coming

    Peter Schiff on Futures Now (6/20/13)
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    Weekdays 10am to noon ET on
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  • Echart's analysis is excellent - his method is fine if you experience "presence" to some degree. I realise that external events as well as inner thoughts are all in 'me' - its all one experience. Therefore I open up to the world outside. The wind in the trees is blowing in me also. People chattering in the street are chattering in me. Thoughts are just more chatter in my mind - they cannot control me. This way I can love bad stuff inside or outside instead of fearing it - then its dealt with.

    How do we break the habit of excessive thinking?

    Eckhart explores the powerful addiction to thinking, offering a handful of ways to put a stop to thoughts and choose presence instead.
  • The bigger the ego the greater the lie - everyone has an "act" called personality. Friendship is "I believe your bullshit if you believe mine".Honesty is treating others with dignity - anything else is patronising. The fact that politicians and religious leaders can lie is no credit to us - but then elections the press and our mass beliefs are structured and controlled by the ruling class. You have to know the rules of the game to get through life and evolve to the next level.

    Frank Mc Court: Don't lie to teenagers

    Dalla rubrica 'Incontri' brani dall'incontro con Frank Mc Court in lingua originale.
  • I would not teach kitsch - and I don't think I am being too nasty, because I have been doing watercolour for at least 50 years and I know how difficult it is as a medium, if you want to do anything worthwhile - and anyone can learn a technique. Its the kind of stuff people learn in "art lessons" then at the end they have a little exhibition - because now they are "artists".The thing is that real art has emotional content that can move you in some deep way, what on earth does this do for you?

    Fast and Loose Watercolour Painting Demo 'Cottage in Buttermere'

    After a brief go with the small hake whilst at the coast, it's back to my favourite big brush and the larger paper format. Here's a quick one of a cottage at Buttermere in the wonderful Lake Distr...
  • These times are tough - remember the yogi saying "be here now". When the bad thoughts come say to your ego "stick to what you can deal with - let it go" I find it works well. We came in with nothing and will leave the same way.

    Who knows where the time goes - Fairport Convention

    Fairport Convention were one of the most innovative and influential British bands of the late 1960's and are still recording and touring today. The lead singer during their greatest period was San...
  • More space, less thoughts - also less ambitions to do or be anything in particular (this ego suffers). There is an internal struggle between being "useful" and just being. There is no going back so I press on - the result of 35 years of meditation and a lifetime obsessed with consciousness. I always felt like I was from another planet, still feel that way - yet from one taste of unity when I was young I know I am going home.

    Eckhart Tolle TV: I have been trying and trying and nothing. Why?

    Advice for those who feel "I haven't gotten anywhere."
  • The best most charismatic character by far in the series. Too much 'posing' by many of the other main characters which detracts from their performances.

    Mags Bennett

    Mags Bennett
  • follow the money

    Shocking Documentery - By Andrew Strorm

    Healed and restored from schizophrenia, my testimony -
    Shocking documentation of one of the worst "invasions" of false spirits that the church has ever seen. Proof that ...
  • Thanks for the brilliant talk. If only I had this available when I was a child - or maybe I wouldn't have understood it then - but something would have stuck. These great minds opened the way for others to follow "to infinity and beyond". Please play this to your children or grandchildren before the education system finishes the job the parents started - with all the best intentions of course.

    Alan Watts - Myth of Myself [Full]

    This lecture is also known as "Who am I"
  • I'm sorry I don't - in fact it was a second hand reference that's why I said supposedly. The problem with all thoughts and beliefs and fables is that they are invented by our separate self (ego) which is terrified to let go and realise it is all beliefs - all people saints and sinners and worse - all everything. This is it.

    Ann Coulter wants Jews "to be perfected"

    Ann Coulter discusses with Donny Deutsch on his Big Idea show about her views on Christianity and Jews, and what her version of a perfect world would be like. From the Media Matters Website.
  • Thanks, I suppose the story of these gents is why I had to move away from the idea of being a "devotee" type of TM meditator. I never had that kind of relationship with MMY - even though I originally became a TM teacher and have been using the TM sidhis programme for 38 years. I believe as MMY said, the guru is consciousness - which is where we "swim" and who we are. There is nowhere to go and nobody to follow. All you need are correct techniques and instruction.

    Peter Wallace- Early History TM Movement and Maharishi
    Peter Wallace- Early History Transcendental Meditation Movement and Maharishi

    Short Transcription:

    Jim Mayhew:

    My name is Jim Mayhew I am the fou...
  • I had a quick read of your book in the bookstore. I like it and except that I don't have money for books right now, I would have bought it. I recognise myself as an asshole sometimes - not all of the time. So we maybe have to think of degrees of asshole.

    I hate the 'total' assholes. Its negative attention seeking. Of course as you get older you have to accept that you are "nothing" and that's why old people are often nicer. World government is now ruled by younger more dangerous assholes.

    Aaron James on his Theory of A**holes

    In the spirit of the mega-selling On Bullshit, philosopher Aaron James presents a theory of the asshole that is both intellectually provocative and existentially necessary.

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