• Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Suburbian Kings Remix)

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    The Suburbian Kings show their appreciation towards the genius minds of music by releasing a remix to the Gorillaz - Kids With Guns. Also, make sure to check out " Amarillo" off of the Gorillaz latest album called The Fall. Enjoy.
    Free Download Link: https://soundcloud.com/myst... Lyrics

    Intro: Kids with guns(echo), Kids with guns(echo), Taking Over(echo), But Won't Be Long(echo), There mesmerized(echo), Skeletons(echo), Kids with guns, We are the kids with guns.

    Verse 1: B.Smith
    I was born by mary, they called me jane's son.
    Coming out the womb strapped nade and shotgun.
    Had to bring em with made the shit a canyon.
    Why you think she had to have a c-section?
    Well, sorry mom but I'm crazy.
    Been caring gats since a baby, lately.
    Jumpin off the walls and I'm a hazey.
    Old school kid don't text just call.
    If your lookin for ways to break the law
    Follow Mr. Rick the legit white hall.
    Can't go wrong listening to this song.
    Hear in his voice that his lyrics felt strong.
    He will teach you ways to blaze and move on.
    But even with him I think back to my past.
    Flash, everything with her was a blast.
    Crash, my love is now covered in black.
    She left this world now my heart just feeds.
    When I see kids with guns that's all they need.

    Bridge 1: Cuz there turning us in to monsters. turning us into fire. turning us in to monsters. turning us in to fire. it's all desire, it's all desire.

    Chorus 1 & 2: That's why I want you back like a fiend needs crack. your the only one girl that I want in my world. and I need you back on the track your the one girl I need you. Like a kid needs a gun. (repeat 1)

    Verse 2: Slick Rick
    So where did you go cuz you know I'll follow
    No matter how far cause it's to hard to swallow.
    Life without you it's just a mystery
    No sense, past tense case your history.
    Epiphany is empty, dead decayed
    Sicker than the picture that's been portrayed.
    Laid down low in my shallow grave
    Lying with the love that I tried to save.
    Gave me everything then took it all away
    No strife not tonight if I end it today.

    Chorus 2: Repeat chorus 1

    Verse 3: Slick Rick
    Need you back just to make me smile
    Cuz since it was a rap I've been sitting in denial.
    While the world flies by, i'm living in the past
    Thinking of the times we had and why they couldn't last.
    So fast have the days past since you been gone
    Missing your touch you used to wake me up a dawn
    Do I walk alone on this road that I tread?
    Try to shove the love of you out of my head.
    Instead it comes back and it's stronger than ever
    Cuz I meant it when I said it girl I"ll love you forever.
    My love never severed but I guess yours did
    Can't hold it together so I chill with the kids.
    Who have guns and have been pissed on
    Can't count how many times that I've been dissed on.
    Suck your own dick if your don't like music
    Hope you break your own neck when you go to induce it. (echo)
    Deuces yo now it's time for you to go
    But I'll still flow no matter which way the wind blow.
    Any complexion from any direction
    My grind is on fire, give the world an erection.
    Rock the whore hoarse, then make like the vapors
    Use the flow force like I was Darth Vader.
    Gasp don't laugh cuz I'm serious.
    Passing an assassin who's delirious.
    Cuz my love sick heart can't take it no more
    What to do when you lose the one you adore.
    Will I ever get up after falling this low?
    But when I stand up which way do I go?
    I'm high when your low, no where to be seen.
    But when I close my eyes your there in my dreams.
    Staring at me with those big brown eyes
    Telling me you love me with a small sigh.
    Make moon-dance love, fall asleep in my bed
    Holding hands, on my chest is where you rest your head.
    I wish I was dead cuz those days are gone
    Live in the dreams, wake alone at dawn.
    And your never coming back, I ain't seen you in years
    Insane from the pain and I got no tears.
    Left to cry, why, what have I become
    No where to fucking run like a kid with a gun. (echo) Show less
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