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  • Kings@Gaels

    Ontario Jr B Lacrosse
  • Not a Good Idea unless you want to have a lawsuit on your hands. Rock-It pocket is a patented pockets, no person ideally should be stringing Rock-It pockets other than the company itself. That being said, the rock it pocket website and facebook have like a thousand different images of their pockets. Go on there get a bunch of images and learn from them, exactly what I did, probably what this guy did as well.

    Custom Lacrosse Stringing

    I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF THIS SONG NOR DO I CLAIM TO. ALL THE CREDIT GOES THE THE ARTST! Here are the current sticks I've strung. Hope you guys like them. If you dont, dont watch! =] . Good song...
  • Hope she is not a Theater Major.

    The Best Webcam Break Up Ever!

    If your girlfriend is going to dump you, it might as well be like this. Has to be hands down the best way to get dumped by a girl. And the guys' reactions are priceless.
  • why does it need to be about White or Black or Orange or Brown or whatever. Its hard to make a point that people will take seriously when you spout off about shit like that. Marcus Garvey was a African Fundamentalist from the 1920's, allot has changed since then and I am CONFIDENT that you do not live in any way similarly to anyone alive then. GET REAL ! WHY CAN"T WE KEEP THIS SHIT POSITIVE?!?!?!?!

    Bob Marley | M A R L E Y trailer | Extended version
    A Film by Kevin MacDonald
    In theaters and on demand
  • what sort of half witted moron parks their bike on the road in one of the twistiest sections of road way in North America. What a Turd! there is like 30 feet of shoulder that everyone else is parked on. Idiot.

    R6 Crashes into Parked Motorcycles 3/03/2012

    Yamaha R6 lowsides into a couple parked motorcycles on Mulholland Hwy in Malibu.
    de accidentes de motocicleta
    حادث دباب
    accident de moto
    Crash ...
  • How many people has that 15 foot section of guardrail saved from a fall off a cliff I wonder?

    Motorcycle Crash - F4i Hits Guardrail on Mulholland

    Honda F4i attempts to stop going into curve and hits guardrail.
    Google Street view Link -
  • my Hero. I hope the world can be inspired like I have by this man and his life. Forever Loving Jah.


    Marley Official Trailer - Documentary - Bob Marley Movie (2012) HD

    Marley - Docuementary
    Subscribe to TRAILERS:

    Bob Marley's universal appeal, impact on music history and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled....
  • Anything works well against American's, especially if you played in Whitby ;)

    Mark Matthews goal vs. Villanova - 5/15/2011

    Denver vs. Villanova, first round NCAA Div. 1 lacrosse tournament 2011. third quarter goal by Mark Matthews. fake, face dodge to vader top shelf...dirtiest goal of the playoffs so far.
  • I like when people who have nothing better to do call people names and cut them up for absolutely no reason. If you don't have anything nice to say,Shut your Fucking Mouth! What could possibly have offended you in this video to make you react this way, calling him a fag and generally talk down to him. It takes courage to post something on youtube for the world to see. It only takes some cowardliness, half a brain and no nuts to sit behind a screen and write something negative. Good Work bluPulz!

    Sons of Finland MC Trailer

    Did this "trailer" for fun! Ask you can see in the title I got very inspired by the series "Sons of Anarchy".

    I'm thinking about making a movie, or maybe a short gang-related series just for fu...
  • @TheAndy1990 Not sure how owning this bike would make you a poser. If 77mpg makes you a poser than call me a poser. This bike is available in Canada in April and I will be riding one shortly after that. Commutes to school will cost me about $15 a week instead of around $50 in my car or on a bus. CCW makes bikes that anyone can afford to ride and I for one really appreciate that. the 883 iron I was looking at is $6000 more and would cost me well over $2000 in insurance.

    Tha Misfit 250cc Cafe Racer Motorcycle by Cleveland Cycle Werks

    Walkaround HD video of the new 2011 Cleveland Cycle Werks 250cc Tha Misfit cafe racer. CCW put a lot of good stuff on this little cafe racer, including an inverted fork, good-quality shocks with p...
  • I know that its not always correct, but Wikipedia is reliable enough to make sure you don't look like a fool. Your right, she is cute, but not cute enough to overlook her shortage of brains or her annoying voice for that matter.

    Jerry Linn Be My Date??

    Im a kappa delta sister at FSU lookin for love from Jerry! be my formal date plzzz!!

    hit me on twitter @xoxoAngieAngel
  • Great Song, Totally Arbitrary Images. How Can You Go Wrong?!?!?!


  • I doubt very much that Mick is a licensed acupuncturist.

    SuperHeavy - Miracle Worker

    SuperHeavy debut single 'Miracle Worker' now available:
    Debut album released 19th September?

    Download 'Miracle Worker' now:
    US & Canada:
  • LSK is a solid artist that really needs to catch a break, One of his songs was on a hard drive music system we used to be forced to listen to at a job I had and it was the Only good song they loaded on there from the factory. Took me a while to find his album but it is on itunes, hopefully he makes a new one soon. You Rock Man!!!!

    LSK - Hate or love

    • by Addi3l
    • 5 years ago
    Video musical del grupo LSK titulado hate or love
  • I know that the Roots are super busy with their late night gig but I would literally Kill for a 2012 tour. Please ask me to kill for a tour. Long Live the Roots Crew!!! Never Stop Making Music!!!!

    The Roots - Kool On (feat. Greg Porn & Truck North) (UNDUN)

    The LEGENDARY Roots Crew featuring Greg Porn and Truck North - "Kool On".. off their new album, "UNDUN," which dropped December 6, 2011.. One of the hottest tracks on the album IMO..
    -Buy This ALB...
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