• 2x2x2x2 blindfolded mode solve!

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    23: 16 [10: 12], 16 targets + buffer twist
    Method: 3-cycles (no macros)

    Probably best to skip through rather than watching the whole thing, here's a rough guide:
    10:41 end of memo
    19:57 last 3-cycle (took much longer than it should have due to brainfart, case was basically equivalent to [R, U' L' U] after setup)
    21:42 fixing buffer
    23:45 end + reaction

    Long overdue! Very safe attempt to just get a success. You can tell I don't care much about the time by the fact I forgot to stop the timer until after I stopped recording. I tried it a few times years ago and got pretty close, but I finally tried again and it went surprisingly well. The best place I have for recording from a decent angle is my living room floor, and it's not very comfortable as you can maybe tell.

    Usually, blindfolded solving is done with, well, a blindfold to make sure I can't see the puzzle when I'm solving. Since being blindfolded doesn't really work well with mouse controls, I wear my blindfold for decoration and use a version of the software where the colours can be hidden temporarily, then when I think it's solved I can make them visible again to check whether it's actually solved.

    This is not the first BLD solve of this puzzle, I think that was done by Nan Ma (Schuma). However, I think it's the first without macros (prerecorded sequences of moves) since I did every twist manually. Sorry if I've forgotten about anyone else doing it, please feel free to correct me in the comments.

    Mathologer did some videos about 4D cubes and let people know about this version of the MC4D software where it was easy to hide the colours of the stickers (software by Melinda Green and Don Hatch).
    MC4D site: http://superliminal.com/cub...
    BLD version: http://superliminal.com/cub...... (ctrl+d to toggle)

    I did one practise solve last night where I only memorised and solved one pair of pieces at a time, then decided to just go for a couple of attempts today. I didn't actually expect a success so soon. It's a pretty slow attempt of course, but I'm not currently planning to try to get faster. 3^4 BLD will happen eventually ...

    Log file found here: https://groups.yahoo.com/ne......

    Edit: Blind version of the software was by Melinda, not Mathologer. Let me know of any other mistakes if you spot any. Show less
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