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  • Building-7 Explosions & Controlled Demolition

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    Building-7 Explosions & Controlled Demolition
    A refresher course on the collapse of a 47 Storey Building, called Building-7, on September 11th, 2001
    at 5:20pm. The Official story reports that NO EXPLOSIONS occurred inside Building-7 and I shall prove that this is another LIE. At least three witnesses explain evidence of explosions originating inside Building 7 between 9:05 am and 12:00 pm they are; Mr Barry Jennings and Mr Michael Hess,
    and a third man from the Cross Bronx City Express Fire Department who could not be identified.
    Mr Barry Jennings and Mr Michael Hess, were rescued at approximately 12:00 pm.
    Mr Barry Jennings and Mr Michael Hess, were asked by phone to exit Building-7 at approximately 9:05 am and to do so
    as soon as possible. They both left Level 23 at the Office of Emergency Management and went down the stairs because the Building’s power had been turned off and the stairs were dark. Mr Hess and Mr Jennings reached Level 6 when a huge explosion occurred and destroyed the stairwell forcing them back to Level 8 were they broke open a window and cried out for help. My contention is, that, if there were no explosions inside Building-7 the two men, Mr Barry Jennings and Mr Michael Hess, should have been able to safely exit the stairwell without being rescued and they would have left the building at approximately 9:15 am. But they had to be rescued after the explosion which went off near Level 6
    which went off at approximately 9:12am before both WTC-2 & WTC-1 Tower collapses at 10:05 and 10:29 am respectively. The Official story (more LIES) from WTC Engineer, Leslie Robertson, who stated
    the fires in Building-7 started at 10:30 after the second Tower collapse (WTC-1) at 10:29 am.

    So, now we learn that heat and smoke started inside Building-7 at approximately 9:15am.
    This time of 9:15am is a long time before 10:29am when the Official cause of the fire starting is quoted
    45 minutes plus 30 minutes is ONE HOUR and FIFTEEN minutes as the TRUE time fires started before
    the collapse of the Second Tower to Collapse (WTC-1). So if the fires really started at 9:15am what
    other lies have we been told about 9-11 ? Thomas Kean from the 9-11 Commission in 2003 said the
    collapse of Building-7 was never to be done because quote,”there was not a loss of life in Building-7”
    but My Shyham Sunder from N.I.S.T said they always intended to do the report on the collapse of
    Building-7 and that they had just put it on the back-burner, another LIE. Mr Sunder also commented
    that there was no FREE-FALL ACCELERATION in the collapse of Building-7, ANOTHER LIE.
    After Sunder puffed him self up with the smartest minds, the best computers, the best expensive
    software and a long time number-crunching they were only able to come up with LIES which were
    exposed by a school teacher, David Chandler, who said he could prove using FREE SOFTWARE
    off the INTERNET that there was infact evidence of FREE-FALL ACCELERATION in the first 2.1 seconds
    of the collapse of Building-7 and this evidence forced Mr Sunder from N.I.S.T to alter his findings.
    Mr Sunder did not suggest that the new information of FREE-FALL ACCELERATION in the collapse
    was a HALL-MARK feature of classic CONTROLLED DEMOLITION... why would he forget to mention this ?
    Just more LIES just like the LIES about Plane crash TWA-800 shot down by 3 US missiles with 200 witnesses. Show less
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