• Fight of the Living Dead: FINALE

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    SPOILERS AHEAD! Start at the Beginning http://youtu.be/j6C0btLmY84
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    Fight of the living Dead secrets below...

    Hey guys, hopefully you have watched this video and now ur like, ok "I have QUESTIONS?!?!?"
    Well hopefully I can answer some of them below.

    1. The kill scenes - or cutscenes as I called them - were filmed after the game was finished and all gamers - but the winner - were eliminated. During gameplay, once a gamer had a patch ripped off by a zombie, he/she was removed from the game. So yeh, Iman still has his arms and the blood spurting from Joey's shoulder was not his. That being said, Olga's and Sam's death happened DURING gameplay - more on that below.

    2. Who locked the police car door??? ARGHHHH Meghan was so close! I thought for sure we would have two winners. Have to admit, we locked the police car doors - all except for the front passenger - to make the last challenge one of the most difficult and dependent on chance.

    3. Super top secret here - The first two kills - Olgas & Sams - were planned without the knowledge of the other 6 gamers. We did this to set the mood for the remaining gamers. Thanks to Sam and Olga for showing up a day early to work out these very complicated gameplay moments. Another interesting fact, Jesse spent a lot of time and effort trying to pull Olga away from the first zombie. We were really worried that he was going to free her and then see all the blood packs we had attached to her body. Check out the cotton ball hanging from her costume during her kill scene.

    4. Why did you kill Joey??? NO!!!!! Still can't believe my character Dr. Altagracia killed Joey! - sad face - Anyhow, my job was to take out the lead gamer once the final group arrived. I figure I'd go for Jesse since he was the one who had figured out the cell block doors so quickly - during gameplay tests our test gamers took nearly one hour to figure out the cell block doors - we almost cut the challenge because we were worried. Anyhow, I went for Jesse but he moved like a boss, twisting me and landing me firmly against the wall. I turned to my left and BOOM there was Joey & Meghan. I almost hesitated to go for them but that would have clearly been cheating. I can't wait to face Jesse again as the Game master. I will have my revenge. Insert sinister laughter here.

    Ok, my plane is landing and they're making me get off my laptop. MORE SOON!


    Ok I'm back (flying Philly to Los Angeles today on a cheap flight with MANY STOPS.)

    5. Needs more TERROR! Originally the game was supposed to be played for 48+ hours but I was like NOWAY am I going to do that to my friends. All of the gamers are people I love and have collab'd with over the years since starting BBTV. I'm not about hurting my peeps. That being said, the next game will be played for more than 48+ hours. This was something all the gamers asked for at the end of this experience. Here we go againnnnn!!!

    6. WHY DID YOU MAKE US WAIT SO LONG??? For this I am truly sorry. "Fight" cost us a lot to make so everyone at BlackBox was VERY HAPPY when we got the chance to work with ConTV - which helped pay for our show. ConTV wanted to make sure everything was perfect with their channel when Fight launched so we all agreed to wait. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THIS. If you guys would have went to ConTV - where Fight premiered two weeks ago - and things weren't working, we all would have been sad/pissed/homicidal/ or even worse, ANNOYED. We had a blast working with those guys and really appreciate that they liked our show.

    Anyhow, I'm sure there is more to tell you but I can't think of anything at this moment.

    Either way, thanks for watching.

    'Twas awesome.

    Tony E. Valenzuela
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