• Solar Eclipse 2017 Part 1

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    Event date: August 21, 2017
    Lebanon, Tennessee group. XA was essentially born out of this trip. See part two for details Show less
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  • Algebra Play all

    Algebra is the foundation for everything that will follow: trigonometry, calculus, and physics.
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  • Trigonometry Play all

    This playlist provides the Trigonometry you will need to do physics. Some calculus is used in this playlist to derive a few of the equations, although the word "calculus" is never used. The videos where calculus methods appear are annotated with (Calculus) in their titles. It was decided that it was better not to softball the presentation of this material so that students can at least see where the equations come from, even if they don't fully understand the math methods. If not interested in the origins, you can just fast forward to the ends of those tutorials to get the equation being derived.
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  • Calculus Play all

    Principles of Calculus and corresponding applications are presented. According to the traditional college curriculum, this playlist includes Calculus I, II, and Differential Equations.
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  • Fourier Series Play all

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  • General Physics I Play all

    Physics tutorials according to the traditional college curriculum.
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  • General Physics II Play all

    Electricity and Magnetism according to the traditional college curriculum
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  • Quantum Mechanics Play all

    Principles of quantum mechanics are presented.
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  • Cosmology Play all

    First a novel theory of the big bang is presented. Second, some data from NED-D is plotted. NED is the Nasa Extragalactic Database and NED-D (2012) is a subset of the total database which only includes data points that were obtained independent of redshift, in this case 9,568 galaxies. Finally, supporting theories on curvature of space and quantized time are presented that make the theory possible.
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  • Saul's Comedy Play all

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  • XA Play all

    XA = X Anonymous = framework for detachment from X=the Cross. The guiding principle throughout our process is that darkness cannot survive in the light. Through connection of similar Xs, we have found that we were able to overcome our attachment X.
    The goal of our fellowship is to help individuals overcome X through:
    1. A sacramental version of the 12 steps for Catholics.
    2. A program built on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    3. A fellowship that brings together Catholics (and those desiring to become Catholic) with attachments to alcohol, drugs, pornography, overeating, gambling, etc.

    Here are the steps we took:
    1. Admit I am attached to X
    2. Come to believe that Thanksgiving can restore us to sanity
    3. Turn our lives over to the holy Spirit
    4. Make a list of our resentments and look at our role
    5. Share with our sponsor, receive feedback, and forgive
    6. Make a list of all entities we had harmed
    7. Sacramental confession
    8. Receive Eucharist
    9. Make direct amends wherever possible
    10. Promptly admit our wrongs when they occur
    11. Continuously improve our relationship with Jesus
    12. We try to help others with attachment to X
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