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    So, here it is. What a ride. I am really happy to present that film to you, which was part of our lives for nearly two years now. Please give us some feedback on that thing, we'll appreciate it!

    We also promise, that the next short won't take as long. We learned a lot making Eidolo and are better trained now so we can dive into the creative pool of ideas in the next couple of days and start working on the next big thing.

    We hope you like it, have a Happy New Year 2015
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  • Essay Alle wiedergeben

    This playlist contains all of my Essays I've made and will make in the future, mainly on films as far as I'm concerned. Feel free to take a look, or ask me anything you like...
    • Ex Machina – Artificial intelligence as our mirror - Dauer: 10 Minuten

      • vor 9 Monaten
      • 477 Aufrufe
      Uhmm... hi?
      You've made it to the description, apparently and I have no idea what to say apart from "thanks for watching" once again and I hope that you had as much fun watching as I had working on...
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    • The Lobster – When music tells a story of its own - Dauer: 25 Minuten

      • vor 8 Monaten
      • 234 Aufrufe
      That's it for now - the second essay.
      Now, I know that this video is waaay to long. It would be stupid to deny it. But it was a conciously made decision as I found all of the presented information ...
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    • Mother & We Need to Talk About Kevin – Maternal love and lack thereof - Dauer: 8 Minuten

      • vor 6 Monaten
      • 189 Aufrufe
      That took longer than expected. I was done a week after the last video, actually. With the basics at least. The rest of it took almost two months more. Goddamn Christmas with all of its procrastina...
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  • Stop Motion + Animation Alle wiedergeben

    Those are the few little steps we took so far in the mysterious world of animation! :)
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  • Behind The Scenes! Alle wiedergeben

    Oh, what's that? Right, those are the Making Ofs, the Behind The Scenes and the random update videos! All of them are full of nonsense and impressions you always wanted to have ;)
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