• Fullscreen Network SCAM Hijacked My Channel by the Connect Button and Abused My Content for Income

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    Fullscreen Network SCAM Hijacked My Channel by the Connect Button and Abused My Content for Income

    Keywords: Scammers, Corrupt, Subscribers, Views, Lies, Fake
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    I get so many offers of "networks" in my YouTube mailbox..
    about how nice content I have.. bla bla bla..! (standard mail)
    When I ask questions to them, then most of them disappear!
    Then I visit the website of Fullscreen Network because..
    they promised me millions of subscribers and millions of views..
    They said, they make a lot companies and a lot youtubers 'BIG' by bringing them mass traffic
    they promised me millions of subscribers and millions of views..
    this is their address..
    Fullscreen, Inc.
    9336 Washington Blvd Building K
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Phone: (310) 202-3333
    I clicked on the 'apply' button on their website..
    I get a form to fill in
    What is your channelname? Answer: BasicKitchen
    What is my emailaddress?
    What is my name?
    What is my birthdate?
    What is my full name as a signature?
    these were the 5 questions in their form
    3 days later I get in my email a "contract" I never saw before and I never signed for
    I also get another mail with a link to connect Fullscreen Network to my YouTube channel
    ..they send me a second mail to manipulate me, to let me focus on the connect button to connect to their network
    I click on the link in my email, then I get in my YouTube account and clicked 'Finish' my videos are connected to their network!
    videos of YouTubers.. telling about their experiences with Fullscreen Network SCAM start to appear in my YouTube account..
    I start to watch these videos about Fullscreen Network SCAM..
    I tried to cancel this contract in one hour (after I clicked on the connect button) by sending mass mails to Fullscreen Network SCAM
    Ofcourse Fullscreen Network SCAM did not respond on the mass mails I send
    After the mass mails of my request to cancel.. they gratulate me by welcoming me by their network, a standard mail of
    I click on the 'request disconnect button' in my YouTube account.. then exactly over 14 days.. they click on the button 'refused'
    I already tried this 4 times.. and everytime exactly after 14 days.. Fullscreen Network SCAM click on 'refused'
    this is a button to get disconnect from their network
    but this cowboy never respond.
    this scammer create false contracts
    this criminal don't let you go after 2 years contract
    this criminal rip you off in 2 years
    all these facts you can Google or find in Facebook or watch Youtube videos about Fullscreen Network SCAM
    I read on a website (found by google) that this Fullscreen guy also developed the partner program for YouTube..
    that is why YouTube doesn't respond on this SCAM PROBLEM
    YouTube is very hard for creators..
    but YouTube allows these scammers with open arms..
    try to report this problem to youtube :)
    this SCAM problem.. can only be solved by YouTube
    This is 150% pure abusing content/copyrights of me and other YouTubers who are NOT protected by YouTube
    YouTube use a policy about copyrights.. The YouTubers are complaining in videos.. I report this several times..
    Is this policy about copyrights.. not for SCAMMERS?
    Even in official YouTube Twitter and official YouTube channels of YouTube, no respond at all. Like, we Saw nothing. We Hear nothing!
    About the Fullscreen 'contract'..
    Here in Holland we have other laws than in the USA
    the laws are..
    it doesn't matter what you order online, you get 14 days to return the product back
    every kid/person can click on the 'apply' button and type my name
    there exist no fysical bodies in real life who signed a contract ever
    two parties must always know about the content/agreement what is signed for
    this one way 'contract' is send by email without watched and signed by me
    I only fill in a form with my channelname, name, birth, email address and put my name in the form without seeing a 'contract'
    I'm not a fool to sign a contract for 2 years with someone I never seen in my life.. for doing nothing (I'm not on drugs)
    I never will sign for a contract only for participating in a network while I'm already in a network
    who are the other person? I never see the other one in real life
    my real signature isn't in that 'contract'.. everyone can click on 'apply' and fill in my name and channelname
    so these are 10 facts that the 'contract' of Fullscreen Network SCAM is a false document based on to SCAM YouTubers!
    FULLSCREEN NETWORK do FRAUDE with my Full Name, Created a FALSE 'Contract' and HIJACKED my YouTubeChannel by the 'connect button' to ABUSE content 4 ADS INCOME
    Copy and Paste this text of My Video.. under my Video and USE IT for yourself! Show less
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