Awkward Moments In Life

Awkward Moments In Life

  • Stirling T. Casablancas: An Introduction

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    Many have asked:
    Who is Stirling T. Casablancas, where is he from, what does he enjoy, what are his thoughts on the Geo-political conflict that is currently in all the headlines. Well this is intended to help you learn more about this great man.

    This, is Stirling T. Casablancas, the self-proclaimed king of awkward, where social unawareness meets suede elbow patches. Today, we catch Sir Casablancas in one of his more melancholy moods, after realizing that the inspirational Taylor Swift quotes he'd repinned , were in fact quotes from Hitler.

    Stirling's mortal existence precariously straddles the line between classy gentleman circa 1920, and that guy sitting at the back of the theater during the matinee showing of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

    In his spare time, Stirling enjoys hosting widely attended cheese-tasting parties, leather-working, and inaccurately referencing Mean Girls quotes. He spearheads the "Bollocks to Ball Point Pens" campaign, which works tirelessly to make all non-fountain pens illegal in Cambodia.

    Though his charitable efforts are often deemed fruitless by those mainstream enough to call themselves members of "society", Stirling maintains that economic recovery will only occur when government leaders stop turning to cheap handwriting alternatives. He continues to declare to the world that,

    "I only know two things for certain. I've never faced economic struggle, and I've never let my fountain pen cartridges run dry. To say there is no correlation is to think that fetch ever has, or will ever, happen."

    Not one to shun frivolity, Stirling T. Casablancas is, above all, a dedicated aficionado of awkward moments. If you enjoy witnessing awkward moments, feeling better about your own social incompetence, or just generally chortling at your computer screen, subscribe to this channel.

    This message has been approved by Stirling T. Casablancas, who would like you all to remember that Cranberry Juice Cocktail is not Cranberry juice - it is just all sugar.

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      Many have asked:
      Who is Stirling T. Casablancas, where is he from, what does he enjoy, what are his thoughts on the Geo-political conflict that is currently in all the headlines. Well this is inten...
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