• MST3K - Favorite Moments - Crash of the Moons

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    In episode 417 Joel and the bots are punished with the "long awaited" sequel to Manhunt in Space, Crash of Moons (or Crash of the Moons).
    Once again we see the futuristically named Rocky and Winky - yes that is actually what they chose to call "our hero's" sidekick (insert dirty jokes at your leisure) - combating the forces of nature and rather dominatrixy dictators - not to mention the audience's patience.
    This time around they have to evacuate the populations of two moons before they collide with each other (the moons -- not the populations... though it can be said that they will collide as well if they stay on their respective moons...), thereby putting an end to a strange, aggressively nice population of about 4 people and a baby space prince, and a totalitarian, and dare I say rather bitchy, society where the common greeting seems to come in the form of missiles and gassing of guests. (Wonder if George Lucas was inspired by this...)
    So how does Rocky and Winky go about this arduous task?
    The same way they always do -- by sitting in their spaceship, twiddling knobs (or winkies) while talking on the radio with the emotional span of your basic cutlery.
    It's really quite amazing how much non-action they managed to put into this movie.
    When the unsuspecting audience is not subjected to Rocky's endless droning, or Professor Newton (really?) spontaneously soiling himself or forcing himself on prone women, they are confronted by this movies idea of a riveting action scene in the form of numerous landings and take-offs. YEAH!
    Anyway, for some reason all this sitting around seems to do the job and they successfully evacuate the overly nice population along with the society ruled by a double x-chromosomed equivalent of Hitler and Stalin.
    Otherwise the movie would be too short!
    Interesting fact: If Bavarro (or especially his thick accent) seems familiar, it may be because he is John Banner, aka Sgt Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.
    The movie is preceded by another episode of the riveting soap, General Hospital, where the attractions between Miss Helmethair and Mr. Unappealing finally reaches a climax in the form of a rather awkward kiss in a car which for some odd reasons seems to be parked in a living room.
    Look out for a Lego hospital, someone using their space voice, a man dressing as Liberace's chauffeur, solid rubber, hat thrust, Chernobyl, a baby trapped in a film, Greg T. Nelson, a space ship with winky recovery, someone re-tasting their lunch, USC Trojans, a cut-out cardboard clan meeting, a double winky, someone trying to look like two people, a kick in the winky, Frau Blücher, and someone keeping their baby in a Weber grill.
    Enjoy! (If you're not in love with Ken.) Show less
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