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    Meester Pee produces all kind of music for many commercial purposes. "The Dance of Meester Pee" shows how he loves house & dance music. Otherwise he is a person who loves to collaborate with other musicians and mostly he writes & arranges songs for his clients. Sometimes he also directs bands if he's asked to.
    The Dance of Meester Pee is now available on iTunes http://goo.gl/yP2kZJ &
    on Amazon http://goo.gl/dpnHpP
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  • Anantari Hita - The Seasons

    Anantari Hita, was born on 20th of August 1988. She spent the beginning of her childhood right in the city she was born, Semarang, Indonesia. Lucky, Hita was introduced to music early on. Her mother took her to a piano course and she fell in love right away. Hita's father noticed her passion of music, so he bought her a brand new Yamaha piano. And as expected, Hita owned the first piano that makes her can't stop playing it. It happens at the age of 5, when the entire family moved to Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city.

    Hita keep doing her piano lesson while mentored by some great classical piano tutors. Until by the end of 2009, she met Meester Pee - the owner of AudioLab. It was turning point of her music career. Meester Pee teaches Hita to unlimited her boundaries of music and to simplify her view towards music as well. Meester Pee encourage Hita to write music and to publish it. "Being a musician is not about playing someone else's song, but to create your own music, so you have your own brand as a musician." Meester Pee said. Then, she began to produce some simple but catchy music.

    May 10th 2013, Hita launched her first mini album, The Seasons. It is a classical piano album which she wrote as a wedding gift to her husband, Romy Hidayat, on their wedding day. He has been the biggest fan of Anantari Hita. "Life is doing what you love. And if music is your love, do it!" Romy said. Hita is so grateful for having an endless support from the loved one. Therefore, she has to spread the love to the world right?! ^^
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    Download ALdyna's awesome tracks on iTunes http://goo.gl/vqSjcL & Amazon http://goo.gl/s2wMRF

    Aldyna, an Indonesian singer-songwriter, was born in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan, Indonesia), on june 22nd 1986 from a Sangir Talaudese father, Stefanus Ronald Damping, and a Manadonese mother, Suzana Amelia Sorongan. As a small city kid, who was definitely couldn't get that much music facilities as many kids in a big city could, Aldyna was blessed raising in a family with a huge musical influence. Her grandpa (from her dad) used to play flute, her other grandpa (from her mom) used to play saxophone, and her father sings and plays some music instruments such as keyboard and guitar, as well as her mother. That might be one of the reasons why she was born with a full passion of music.

    Born and raised in a small city, Balikpapan, Aldyna found her own ways to get closer to her music. At the age of 3, Aldyna found her very first love on music, singing, that she loved to do little concerts in front of her family. Her first song was Logika by Vina Panduwinata. Every day she watched MTV South East Asia and listened to great music from Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Coco Lee, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, Usher and many more. She never missed a day without those, which have also influenced her music.

    Aldyna started writing her own songs since she was 16. Her first song recorded was Thinking of You, which was included on her first mini album released in 2007, Get My Soul, with her music partner, Dinar Primasti, on duo group [double dee] in Surabaya.

    Through all the challenges and with the unbelievably never ending supports from her entire family and friends, Aldyna has kept doing what she loves to do by writing and recording more music with a big support from one of her major influences, Meester Pee , who is not only her music producer, arranger, and director, but also her teacher. Aldyna finally got her first solo album, Aldyna-Ada Kamu, to be published digitally on internet since end of 2009 by Asiatech Interwerks SDN BHD.

    In November 2009, Aldyna and her friends in Surabaya formed a band "Joy n' The Rhythm System" or easily called "JRS". Together with her music partners, Pandu on guitar, Tego on guitar, and Jamesky on bass, Aldyna has figured out her other side as a band vocalist which definitely provide a different color from her solo; they don't set boundaries towards their music influences so that they put each personnel style into one. Pop is still the main genre but there are also Rock, R&B, Blues, Country, and even Punk vibe on their music.

    Along with JRS movement, in late 2010 Aldyna was back to the studio for her 1st religious solo mini album "Songs for Sion". All of the tracks was written by herself, a full charity album for "GPIB Bukit Sion Surabaya" church facilities needs. She worked with some musicians including Meester Pee (as the music director) and Pandu JRS (as the guitar player). Personally, this album is very special for Aldyna because this is the first album that she also took part as producer, music director, and also piano-guitar player. "Songs for Sion" has been released since the middle of 2011 at some churches in Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bandung.
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