• KMST 1.2.482 Mirror World Henesys - Zero

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    The new 신의아이 Child of God content has introduced a completely different class - Zero!
    Zero has come with its own world; Mirror World. Mirror World is the only place where Zero can train, as Monsters/PQs in "normal maple" give no exp. However, Zero can still visit "normal maple" through the Gate of Time in its main town. The Zero class is plot driven, and is split into 8 chapters. Each chapter runs for ten levels, and the storyline quests continue until level 180.
    The Zero class is split into two components - Alpha and Beta. It is essentially two classes in one (both active at the same time), similar to shadow partner, but with different skills.
    Both Alpha and Beta have their own skill trees, and each gain 3 SP every level.
    The Zero class depends upon the switching and support systems. The concept of Switching is quite simple; if you use an Alpha skill, Alpha will appear. If you use a Beta skill, Alpha will disappear and be replaced with Beta.
    However, what makes the Zero class unique is the Support System. For the first five seconds after Switching, Alpha will support Beta when she uses her skills, and vice versa.
    For example, if I am in Alpha mode and used a Beta skill, my character will become Beta and Alpha will attack alongside Beta for 5 seconds. Since Switching has a cooldown of five seconds, it is possible to continuously Switch between Alpha and Beta and thus maximum damage output.
    Training occurs through the "Premium Hunting" system, similar to dungeon crawler RPGs. There are 5 dungeons every chapter, adding up to 40 dungeons in total across 8 chapters. These dungeons are based off the monster park maps, except without entry requirements and have a death count of 5. Dying in a dungeon does not have any negative effects; there is no exp loss and you will not be required to restart your run.
    The Zero class is dynamic and engaging - My APM playing Zero is higher than when I play Starcraft 2!
    Nexon promised player equality at its RED conference - it has delivered this through the Zero class. The Zero class is not funding elastic - being funded makes little to no difference. Most of the EXP gained are from storyline quests and NPC quests in Mirror World areas. Zero's attacks are designed in a way that allows any unfunded player to clear dungeons at a comparable speed to super funded players - Switching and Support ensures that monsters are killed within a 5 second combo chain. Since Zero cannot boss as it is restricted to the Mirror World, there is little point in funding it.
    Appearing in the Zero story line are all our favourite Heroes and other characters fighting against the Black Mage. The Zero class is scheduled for release in the official KMS server next week. Show less
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