• Should've Been On Podcast Episode 101 - Free Smoke!

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    Should've Been On Podcast | Episode 101

    On today's #ShouldveBeenOn, Jae Sygns & Yeshua Black talk Free Stuff and why it may not always be a good thing. Got some great music for you. But, short cuts are bad. Let us know what you think below.

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    Yeshua Twitter - http://bit.ly/2xdeVz4

    Table of Contents
    0:00 - Sygns speaking about hand lettering Victory Children prepping for pre-illustration, commenting on size of files
    1:00 - CBS Intro/ CSI The Broadway Play
    1:40 - Yeshua selling out for the bag (industry/mainstream artists come build with us)
    2:20 - Sennheiser headphones (I want a bag!)
    2:26 - Why free is a dirty word
    2:50 - Don't say that word like moist (that's funny)
    3:06 - Everything is in context
    3:12 - Free is in context (trading knowledge among peers for more knowledge)
    3:26 - Should've Been On Definition of peers (Sygns)
    3:36 - How can we cut costs?
    3:50 - Lets do this podcast and see if we cant push each others services
    3:55 - Mentions Memoirs Of A Businessman and why its on the Sygns site
    4:08 - Breakdown of how much it costs to go to the ASCAP convention
    4:34 - What does a performance rights organization do? iHeart Radio mention
    ► 4:58 - [music] 199Noir - Floatin'
    7:16 - Sygns speaks on how DRM is handled Soundcloud was potentially in danger of going out of business
    7:32 - It costs money to speak to professionals but that investment can earn you more money (Sygns)
    7:50 - Yeshua explains his background
    8:00 - Free means I don't respect your time
    9:00 - Why there shouldn't be a starving artist
    9:40 - Bootlegging from the isp and stealing form Walmart (comedy)
    10:12 - Discussing negative impact of free
    12:48 - People are charging people for jobs that aren't done correctly and that hurts the market
    13:30 - What irks you in business Yeshua?
    ► 14:55 - [music] TooN - A Thought / A Theory
    19:50 - You get what you pay for.. We pay for brand loyalty
    22:00 - Fuck all scammers.. I believe in companies that are founded on small business.. How to change the demographics and shift a bad business paradigm. You selling music videos you record on power director?
    27:00 - Protecting your content
    ► 34:20 - [music] 199Noir - Plastic Bag
    36:00 - Fueling Independent Artists
    41:00 - Free Gems
    ► 43:14 199Noir - [music] On My Life ft. Ralph Real
    47:00 - Shoutouts to the OG who read "Memoirs Of A Businessman"
    51:00 - Do you ever get discouraged?
    53:00 - Nez & Rio mention
    54:00 - Powered up and also free advice wont get you anywhere unless you change your mindset
    57:53 - World War III happens you'll be begging for art (segment closed)

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