• oh, hello! here i am. check out my other channel @ohsunshinejp for another video or something.

  • oh sunshine - i belong to you LIVE @ FUJI ROCK '11 - 長さ: 4 分、6 秒。

    • 5 年前
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    oh sunshine performing 'i belong to you' @ fuji rock '11 on the red marquee stage. it was 10AM in the morning.

  • oh sunshine @ FUJI ROCK '11 - oh baby oh oh oh - 長さ: 5 分、14 秒。

    • 5 年前
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    the band of oh sunshine performing 'oh baby oh oh oh'.

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  • you may notice none of my videos are available anymore. i shall soon make a new video, within 24 hours.

    oh sunshine - beautiful - 長さ: 4 分、54 秒。

    • 6 年前
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    video for 'beautiful' from oh sunshine's debut mini album 'oh sunshine'.

  • i shall be making new videos within february, just so you know. promise.

  • Thanks, guys. - 長さ: 9 分、4 秒。

    • 7 年前
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    Sorry for talking so much, but I wanted to say so many things! I'd really like to thank all of you for watching me over the years, for listening to my voice and to my music and for all the strength...
  • Gorillaz - Broken(Demo) - 長さ: 3 分、53 秒。

    • 8 年前
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    I Got 7 Thumbs Up When I Posted This Comment

    some instrumentals of this demo reminds me the clint eastwood music video

    So I Made An AMV Of This Demo=)

    Song Title
    Gorillaz - Broken(Demo)
  • 人間です - I'm human. - 長さ: 81 秒。

    • 8 年前
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  • Happy New Year, YouTube! - 長さ: 3 分、29 秒。

    • 9 年前
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    In this extremely amateur-ish video I bring in the New Year by breaking open a coconut with my good ol' friend, Mad1! I'm in America for another week, so I figured I'd do something American!