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Andrew Foster - Heartbeats (Live from The Witterings, West Sussex)

4,238 views 1 month ago
Official live recording of 'Heartbeats' by Andrew Foster from The Witterings, West Sussex. Studio track to appear on the album 'Science & Magic', due for release in 2014.

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Video Production by Aaron Bennett

Heartbeats - by Andrew Foster
From nine to five we ride the tide of broken fiction fortune,
We're the jesters performing for the Kings,
Who never get the joke,
Lets look alive look to the skies and plan your best escape route,
Be unbroken, let yourself be new born,
Scale the castle walls.
I'll wait patiently and navigate the day,
Just to be with you now.
C'mon lets dance before the end,
We're limited on heartbeats,
And mine moves quicker next to yours,
C'mon lets dance before the end.
It's getting kinda close dear,
Forget your memory.
The city streets play tribal beats from every place of worship,
We take refuge from every dream that fades,
From our tired hands.
Tonight we try to realise what we were scared to mention,
Lighting fires from way beyond the nightmares,
That paved the way to here.
I'll wait patiently and navigate the day,
Just to be with you now... Show less
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