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    art of Storytelling is the most powerful tool of all times. There's lot of noise in this world so the only way to connect with your audience emotionally to make them less objective is through storytelling. Here I share how storytelling helped GE save millions of dollars and made Groupon the fastest growing company ever in history. Art of storytelling is ancient art but very contemporary.

    The marketing storytelling tips and marketing storytelling examples shared in this video are tried and tested strategies for brands and business.

    I have given a couple of brand storytelling examples to help you understand the art and science of storytelling.

    brands using storytelling have seen a significant rise in connect and sales. in a world where you are competing with millions of other brands that are competing with you, its the storytelling that sets a brand stand out in the crowd.

    In an already crowded marketplace shouting aloud will not get your attention but the stories that e with your prospective buyers.

    Several brands in past like GE and Groupon have successfully used storytelling to not only stand out but scale their business significantly in a noisy marketplace.

    The art of storytelling and the objective of using storytelling is connected with your marketing objective. Storytelling is used to create a desire in people's mind to consider and buy your product.

    The objective is to take them through a narration which doesn't feel salesy or anything related to advertisers but something prospects could relate to.

    Your brand storytelling has to touch one of the several emotions people have. Make these people the hero of your story and they will stand in a queue to pay any price for not alone listening to your story but buy everything you recommend them.

    In this video, you will find some great examples of storytelling by brands like GE and GroupOn which went on to become the fastest growing brand in the history only because of the storytelling content.

    The storytelling has the power of connecting with your audience or losing them completely.

    Storytelling (The Power of Telling Stories): http://www.digitalforelepah... is a POWERFUL way to engage your audience!

    In this video, Amar Krishna Jha ( the clicktocash guy of digital marketing) is going to reveal you how powerful and important storytelling is for the brands.



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    I help NSE listed companies make a metric shit-ton of money using digital marketing and storytelling.
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