Bizkit64: "HGAHAHHA everyone knows theres no god, or he would pwn and zap people n shit"
Johannes9126: "Without religion, Columbus would have landed on the moon, not in America."
UpNFamish: "Christians are Parasites, they live off Science and curse Science."

_Nyx_, Unexplained-Mysteries: "I grew up Pentecostal and sat through many revivals where people would be miraculously "healed"....being 10 or so years old, it made for very impressive entertainment, but I think people just got caught up in the spirit of things (pun intended) and it became something of a mind over matter instance. These same people would come back to church the next week in their wheelchairs, with their glasses on and more often than not, be first in line to be "healed" again."
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