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    What is an Echoes of Enoch?

    In Genesis 6th Chapter, we are told that the "sons of god" (fallen angels) interbreed with the human race. Their objective was to undermine the first prophecy in the Bible as recorded in Genesis 3. This prophecy stated that from the seed of a woman would come one who would crush the head of the serpent. This was the foretelling of Jesus, the son of God and God the Son, who would become incarnate through the human linage to redeem mankind. (Gen 3:15) By contaminating the human bloodline they tried to prevent God's redemptive plan... They were only eight people away from success.

    Enoch and Noah were the only two men of God to stand in truth against these "son's of god" and their offspring the "mighty men of renown".

    Very little is mentioned in the Bible about Enoch. However, The Apostle Jude quotes Enoch from the Ethiopic text called Enoch 1. While not included as a part of the Bible, this book should be considered for it's historical content much as Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus is included in many Pastoral libraries. In this book, we are told that Enoch was shown the "secrets of heaven". This was the physics and mechanics behind the things of God. Equipped with these revelations, Enoch carried out a twofold prophetic mission. He was to announce a judgment upon these "son's of god", their offspring and all who followed them. He was to expose their lies and harmful agenda with the hope of compelling mankind back to their loving creator. The end result of this ministry was salvation for the eight who listened, and judgment in the form of The Great Flood for the rest.

    Jesus warned that just as it was in the days of Noah, it would be the same prior to his return. More than just the suddenness of his return, these same events would reoccur - including the return of these "son's of god" who would again deceive the World in a slightly different way.

    Today we have massive UFO sightings and rumors of "Alien" abductions that include genetic tampering. They have proclaimed a contrary (to the Bible) message of warnings and a hope of a "New Age" for mankind. This New Age message is gaining worldwide acceptance and popularity. These events have now brought us full circle to the days just before the Great Flood!

    Like an echo from the ancient past, the ministry of Enoch is once again called into this twofold action to warn and prepare.

    1. To warn of the agenda and dangers of the New Age UFO/Alien deception and it's many occult practices. To reach out with God's love to those who are involved and seduced into this world-view. To provide a sound Biblical understanding and explanation to every aspect of the New Age UFO/Alien deception. To also provide if needed, (by the Power of the Holy Spirit,) deliverance and spiritual cleansing as the result of unleashing demonic activity into a place or life of the individual in need.

    2. To prepare God's people with the mechanics and physics of their faith. To be solidly grounded and able to give an answer for the hope that is within. To inspire, encourage and instruct God's people how to use resources to determine answers for themselves from the Living Word of God. In this is the strength to stand in victory for what is becoming the most challenging time to live in since the flood!

    "...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits." Dan 11:32 Understanding this, our mission statement is simply to warn and prepare. Show less
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    The common Christian attitude: So who cares?

    To the Christian this has never been much of a concern or a matter to ponder and debate. Once touched by God's love, most believers are content to accept the idea of a fluffy chunk of water vapor as being the clouds of heaven. Daily living and Biblical principles needed to develop a transforming personal relationship with Christ, become the main concern. For oneself, this should be the foremost concern. But what about the ability to give an answer for the hope that is within to others? When asked, "What are the clouds of Heaven?" the official Christians response of most are; " fluffy chunks of water vapor", or "I dunno, I never really thought about it." A person of faith can accept this concept, no matter how illogical it may seem. However, to someone standing outside of faith to a personal God, this can sound pretty lame.

    Spaceships of the gods?

    An idea to be reckoned with is that these clouds of heaven are spacecraft from other worlds. As strange as this might sound, it is well presented and becoming widely accepted. It is explained that Ancient people, being ignorant of mechanical technology had miss-identified the vehicles and occupants as angels and gods. Books written with this idea, two by "Christian" ministers, are very convincing. Without any other information, it would seem the only logical conclusion for an open-minded person of today. The danger of this conclusion is, that there is no personal God, only aliens in spacecraft. The lack of an intelligent response from the church only adds to the credibility of this idea. Can the Bible provide us with a better answer? Or are we left with a fluffy chunk of water vapor?
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