Hello! Welcome to my new channel, Ali's BloomingDream! (ABD) 
Hello! Welcome to my new channel, Ali's BloomingDream! (ABD) 

What is a "bloomingdream", you ask. Well, I'll tell you. It is a manifestation of a dream into reality. We all carry our individual bloomingdream within us - yes, yes you do too. And you. And that duck too. Even that duck has its own hopes and dreams...and desires for bread crumbs.

Why is it blooming you ask? We're naturally changers. We change the game when necessary, we change ourselves when necessary. Our evolution shows the proof you need. But now, our actions have caught up to us. We are in an era of a broken world where our environment has gone haywire on our natural evolutionary strengths. 

So, I say boldy to you: It starts with you. You are the key to the universe - you hold the key in your hand and the universe in your heart. (as cheesy as that sounds, I'm pretty proud of that analogy I just made up *dusts shoulders*.) 
Let's win this game and keep life on Earth for thousands of years to come, eh? :)
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