My name is Yng Pat Trick. 
Not Patrick. 
My name is Yng Pat Trick. 
Not Patrick. 
Pat. Trick. 
I spell it Y-N-G because contrary to what you may believe, i don't O U shit. 
If you ask me where i'm from, be sure to specify whether you mean my place of birth or where i grew up. As a military brat, i was born in Tacoma, Wa., & raised in a number of places such as Wisconsin, Germany, Texas, etc.
 I spent majority of my youth going back & forth from my mother's in Killeen/Ft. Hood, Tx., at the time and Gainesville, Ga., my hometown where my family is from. Thes are the two places i credit with giving me my original sound. Although both Texas & Georgia are in the South, they each have a unique sound that i have adapted & combined into one.
 My final years in high school were spent in the only other place i call home. Albany, Ga.
This is where S.L.A.P. or Die was born, as well as P.C.G. with Yung Tsar, Bybol Vurse, Phat Bastard, & Echo Terrestrio.
I used to just want to make beats. But my flow speaks for itself.
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