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    S01E01 "Things Change"
    S01E02 "A Better Mousetrap"
    S01E03 "Attack of the Mousers"
    S01E04 "Meet Casey Jones"
    S01E05 "Nano"
    S01E06 "Darkness on the Edge of the Town"
    S01E07 "The Way of Invisibility"
    S01E08 "Fallen Angel"
    S01E09 "Garbageman"
    S01E10 "The Shredder Strikes, Part One"
    S01E11 "The Shredder Strikes Part Two"
    S01E12 "The Unconvincing Turtle Titan"
    S01E13 "Notes from the Underground, Part One"
    S01E14 "Notes from the Underground, Part Two"
    S01E15 "Notes from the Underground, Part Three
    S01E16 "The King"
    S01E17 "The Shredder Strikes Back, Part One"
    S01E18 "The Shredder Strikes Back, Part Two"
    S01E19 "Tales of Leo"
    S01E20 "Monster Hunter"
    S01E21 "Return to NewYork, Part One"
    S01E22 "Return to NewYork, Part Two"
    S01E23 "Return to NewYork, Part Three"
    S01E24 "Lone Raph and Cub"
    S01E25 "Search for Splinter, Part One"
    S01E26 "Search for Splinter, Part Two"

    S02E01 "Turtles in Space, Part One: The Fugitoid"
    S02E02 "Turtles in Space, Part Two: Trouble with Triceratons"
    S02E03 "Turtles in Space, Part Three: The Big House"
    S02E04 "Turtles in Space, Part Four: The Arena"
    S02E05 "Turtles in Space, Part Five: Triceraton Wars"
    S02E06 "Secret Origins, Part One"
    S02E07 "Secret Origins, Part Two"
    S02E08 "Secret Origins, Part Three"
    S02E09 "Ultimate Ninja"
    S02E10 "Reflections"
    S02E11 "Modern Love, The Return of Nano"
    S02E12 "What a croc"
    S02E13 "Return to Underground"
    S02E14 "City at War, Part One"
    S02E15 "City at War, Part Two"
    S02E16 "City at War, Part Three"
    S02E17 "Junklantis"
    S02E18 "The Golden Puck"
    S02E19 "Rogue in the House, Part One"
    S02E20 "Rogue in the House, Part Two"
    S02E21 "April's Artifact"
    S02E22 "Retun of the Justice Force"
    S02E23 "Big Brawl, Part One"
    S02E24 "Big Brawl, Part Two"
    S02E25 "Big brawl, Part Three"
    S02E26 "Big Brawl, Part Four"

    S03E01 "Space Invaders, Part One"
    S03E02 "Space Invaders, Part Two"
    S03E03 "Space Invaders, Part Three"
    S03E04 "Worlds Collide, Part One"
    S03E05 "Worlds Collide, Part Two"
    S03E06 "Worlds Collide, Part Three"
    S03E07 "Touch and Go"
    S03E08 "Hunted"
    S03E09 "H.A.T.E."
    S03E10 "Nobody's Fool"
    S03E11 "New Blood"
    S03E12 "The Lesson"
    S03E13 "The Christmas Aliens"
    S03E14 "The Darkness Within"
    S03E15 "Mission of Gravity"
    S03E16 "Entity Below"
    S03E17 "Time Travails"
    S03E18 "Hun on the Run"
    S03E19 "Reallity Check"
    S03E20 "Accros the Universe"
    S03E21 "Same As It Never Was" (!)
    S03E22 "Real World, Part One"
    S03E23 "Real World, Part Two"
    S03E24 "Bishop's Gambit"
    S03E25 "Exodus, Part One"
    S03E26 "Exodus, Part Two"
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    S04E01 "Cousin Sid"
    S04E02 "The People's Choice"
    S04E03 "Sons of the Silent Age"
    S04E04 "Dragon's Brew"
    S04E05 "I, Monster"
    S04E06 "Grudge Match"
    S04E07 "Wing and a Prayer"
    S04E08 "The Bad Day"
    S04E09 "Aliens Among Us"
    S04E10 "Dragons Rising"
    S04E11 "Still Nobody"
    S04E12 "All Hallow Thieves"
    S04E13 "Samurai Tourist"
    S04E14 "The Ancient One"
    S04E15 "The Scion of the Shredder"
    S04E16 "Prodigal Son"
    S04E17 "Outbreak"
    S04E00 "The Enteral Rival" [April Fool's Joke] - "Hikaru no Go"
    S04E18 "Trouble With Augie"
    S04E19 "Insane in the Membrane"
    S04E20 "Return of Savanti, Part One"
    S04E21 "Return of Savanti, Part Two"
    S04E22 "Tale of Master Yoshi"
    S04E23 "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting"
    S04E24 "Good Genes, Part One"
    S04E25 "Good Genes, Part Two"
    S04E26 "Ninja Tirbunal"

    S05E01 "Lap of the Gods"
    S05E02 "Demons and Dragons"

    Info: Becuase of the huge file sizes, the episode will come in two days, separated. It takes 6 hours for one part to be uplaoded.
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