"Dude.....shut the hell up."

"Dude.....shut the hell up."

Hi there! I see you've stumbled across my page and I just wanted you to know, you're going to die. In 7 days. *Static*

Haha, i'm Tori. Or "Treegnome, Slade, Wrath, Torisaurus" and multiple other names given to me in my many previous lives. :)

My channel is totally pointless. I spend all day on YouTube watching pointless videos-Like FSoundStudios (Jake) He is epicc. WATCH HIM. NOW. XD
And other things-mainly my obsessions with scene kids, Doctor Who,The Mighty Boosh, and The Midnight Beast. Oh and sometime YTP videos and Anime. I am a giant Anime nerd OuO
THEMIDNIGHTBEAST, DurhamrockerZ, Hurricoaster, SantawithGuns, and FSoundStudios! PLEASE :D?!
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