• Bizarre Unrequited Love (An AppleDash Song) - My Little Pony

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    Background Instrumental - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

    Applewatches by viwrastupr - http://viwrastupr.deviantar...

    Original Song - Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

    My Tumblr - http://lilith-evanson.tumbl...

    I made a....thing!

    Okay so, there's an actual list to describe this...whole thing. I've wanted to be a part of the MLP fandom for so long but I've always just been a fan standing outside. BUT NOT TODAY! I wanted to do something to show my love for the fandom and my love for AppleDash so I made a...thing!

    And then I thought, "What the hell am I doing?"

    Anyway, here's the list.

    1.) Yes, I am the one singing and talking as Applejack. I just want to apologize right now for how terrible I sound and for the audio. I'm poor, I worked with what I had. I'm also untalented when it comes to singing and accents so, once again, I'm sorry. Damn, Ashleigh Ball makes it sound so easy. I applaud her for being able to do Applejack's voice!

    2.) Why aren't there more shipping songs?

    3.) It's AppleDash.

    4.) I did not play the acoustic in the background. That was hiya002643 playing guitar in his video "Guitar background cover Frente - bizarre love triangle" (Link above). All credit goes to him.

    5.) I changed the lyrics of the song. I always wanted to sing a song from Applejack's point of view but I don't know how to play any instruments or make music so I just...used something else. But the lyrics I wrote are mine and I'm sorry for the corniness!! ^ ~ ^ ;


    7.) I laughed harder then I should when I found clear audio of Rainbow crashing.

    I hope you enjoy! It was a lot of fun making this!!



    Every time I think of you
    I feel a crack in my heart that can split in two
    It's a problem of mine
    And it's a problem I find
    Loving a pony I can't leave behind
    But there's no sense in saying truth
    The confessions of a farmer won't buck the fruit
    And that's the way that it goes
    And it's just all that I know
    But everyday my obsession grows

    Every time I see you flying
    I get down on my hooves and run
    I'll chase you till I'm right beside you
    And watch you soar into the sky

    I'm just fine and I feel good
    I'm feeling like I never should
    I wanna tell you this way
    But I bet you'll fly away
    I've loved you since we ran on that fall day
    Do you think we're meant to be?
    A pegasus and an earth pony
    I do admit to myself
    There isn't anyone else
    I've always enjoyed rain clouds instead of apple trees

    Every time you see me falling
    I pray you'll spread your wings and fly
    I'll wait for the day you will catch me
    And hold me close in the blue sky Show less
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