• VeriCoin - Explaining the Benefits of VeriCoin's Unique Binary-Chain

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    VeriCoin and Verium - Co-Creator and Lead Developer Douglas Pike explains the innovative and groundbreaking Binary Chain and it's benefits. Learn more at http://www.vericoin.info

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  • VeriCoin Developer Hangouts Play all

    In 2014 VeriCoin was the first Digital Currency where the Development Team revealed their identity publicly on YouTube and Google Plus via "Dev HangOuts".

    In the world of Cryptocurrency the vast majority of Developers have chosen to be anonymous including Bitcoin's pseudo-anonymous Developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

    There is nothing inherently "wrong" about protecting one's privacy. Unfortunately, in a new, volatile and cutting-edge financial industry, there will always be some who may be hesitant to invest simply due to a lack of trust.

    Blockchain technology is inherently designed to be trust-less but those who choose to create, innovate and experiment with this technology can choose to be a public face - alleviating any potential concerns from users and investors.

    All VeriCoin Developers are transparent, involved and available - when they can be.

    *The original VeriCoin Development Team consisted of Doug Pike and Pat Nosker.
    Shortly thereafter they added David Boehm and eventually Steve Woods to the roster.
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  • Tutorials: What's New With VeriCoin? Play all

    How to navigate and utilize the latest VeriCoin Wallet software updates.
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  • Tutorials: How to Use VeriCoin Specific Features

    As Cryptocurrency adoption grows the VeriCoin Developers will continue adding new and exciting features to our peer to peer Digital Currency Wallet.

    Our ultimate goal going forward will be to decentralize as many features as we practically can while maintaining privacy, security and simplicity.

    This Playlist is for the general public - those brand new to the idea of "Virtual Currencies" - as well as for Bitcoin enthusiasts who are just becoming familiar with VeriCoin and the impact of our Wallet, features and Proof-of-Stake-Time based blockchain protocol.
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  • VeriCoin Interviews Play all

    Various VeriCoin interviews from various media sources and networks within the Finance Technology, Bitcoin and Digital Currency industry during 2015.

    From LockerGnome with Chris Pirillo to Bitcoin Rush and SuperNET Radio the VeriCoin Developers have always been transparent and willing to discuss the possibilities of a decentralized, peer to peer blockchain based technology.
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