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    VVWI's new Swedish Ambassador to the court of Oof is Simon Gustafson operating under codename Socket Science. Simon co-founded and runs Stockholm based label Astor Bell and we are honoured to have him join us. Simon was one of the early adopters of Berlin and lived there falling deeply for all things electronic. It must have been destiny as he is also a keen cyclist as were Kraftwerk so... tenuous link established!

    Back in Stockholm he has put together a wonderfully warm and intelligent release for us that is very much holding onto what may be the only summer we get this year. "Medicine Man" is the sound of a sweltering Swedish summer. We LOVE this in the office. It's well proper. Perhaps the most jolly of all VVWI's releases we sincerely hope it will cast a smile over many a dancefloor. Good medicine. Heap strong medicine.

    "Halland" is a wonky, beautifully un-quantised graceful stagger across the astounding terrain of the Swedish region of the same name. We imagine it perfect for taking a very long walk through the natural beauty of that country. Drunk as a bastard on fathers day.

    Raise your horns of mead and toast our Scandinavian fore-fathers.


    The VVWI Coastal Raiding Team
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  • Bunni Splanchnik - Raw Shanga / Yahourt Play all

    As equal opportunity idiots we don't like to make a fuss about the sexes, but we are very dead chuffed to have a real live LADY on board. Bunni Splanchnik runs, along with oppo Shibby Shitegeist, London's red hot Danzshlag parties. As part of our return to our original mission statement, we are proud to present this first of a run of new names and faces.

    We open this one with "Raw Sangha". No vegan shit here, just beefy murky wrongness that smells well east.

    When hearing "Yahourt", the 3 pensioners in the office all as one jumped up and shouted "Day of The Triffids!". We don't know why, but we love that they did.

    We sincerely hope to hear more of Bunni on this and other labels in the future. So we bid her firmly launched, smash a bottle of bubbly on her hull and say a prayer for all brave sailors. Everywhere.

    Dance, you Slaaaags!

    The VVWI Team
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  • Tim Sheridan & King Roc - Ghosts That Live In Her (Remixes) Play all

    We revisit the VVWI office's agreed VVWI favourite and absolute highlight of the VVWI LLO live show: The Ghosts That Live In Her. In an imagined golden era, many moons ago (Brixton 2009), when men were men, Tim Sheridan was less fat and Martin Dawson was King Roc..., two chaps made VVWI's best loved tune. A perfect marriage of Sheridan's classical leanings and live musicianship and Dawson's awesome groovage. We said vage.

    Dawson ditched King Roc, made tunes with Giles Smith and moved to Berlin to great acclaim. Sheridan became a hermit, grew beards and obsessed about gardening. As we're unlikely to get any usable labour out of either of them again we asked our two jolly stalwart shipmates Garcia and Lyman to revisit this anthem.

    As if by magic and with honestly no prompting each of them ended up augmenting one side of the coin each. Timo Garcia's take on it almost exclusively highlights Tim Sheridan's delicate piano tinklings and pizzicato string arrangements, throwing a light on the anthemic melodic aspects. Paul Lyman's look at it is all about Martin Dawson's wiggle work. Both Gentlemen naturally invite us cordially to dine with their signature styles overall.

    Two great remixers delivering quality takes. Together they are MOIDAH.

    Join us soon as we depart from our beloved crusty old goats and revisit our original mission statement of showcasing debut talent of alarming youthfulness. 4 forthcoming releases are FRESH from local chimney sweeps, fallen women, foundling orphans and apprentice cutpurses.

    You've got to pick a pocket or two boy.

    Love and lager,
    The VVWI Team
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