• 2012 OHC reel

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    Clips from songs I made in one-hour competitions (OHCs) during 2012. These were my favorite out of the 140+ songs, each created in around an hour during a competition with a pre-chosen selection of samples/instruments.

    You can find the full versions on my blog: http://coda.s3m.us/

    2012 was a pretty great year! I put a ton of work into my solo debut album, tracer, released in May:
    I went on a trip to Japan, and afterwards I started missing the daily one-hour competitions from 2010 and earlier, so I hosted a bunch myself for about two months. Most of these songs come from that time. I also created a lot of the samples myself from VSTs and hardware synths instead of recycling old modules from the 90s and early 00s. I also wrote a few songs for compilation albums that will come out this year.

    I said the 2011 would be my last demo reel due to lack of material, but I guess I couldn't resist.

    The visuals this time around are from a program I wrote in Processing specifically for this video. Because I had a lot of songs I liked this year, I made it a longer video with ~70 songs instead of the usual 30.

    Let's try this too:
    0:00 medi
    0:25 the pen
    0:55 metrospread
    1:25 stacks on duck mod gang
    1:55 nikkouland
    2:25 how to count
    2:55 gumi
    3:25 oh yea
    3:55 munyu
    4:25 buttin'
    4:55 bumber
    5:25 updog
    5:55 mild pringle
    6:25 zeri
    6:55 glueberry
    7:25 groast
    7:55 guack
    8:25 earl
    8:55 jd
    9:25 hi five
    9:55 kuri
    10:25 scrum
    10:55 excess material
    11:25 filled buns processing
    11:55 just gonna chill
    12:25 drive real fast
    12:55 jacky
    13:25 sixpack
    13:55 name my dog
    14:25 laserwash
    14:55 sheldon
    15:25 silent casks
    15:55 scrunk
    16:25 timber
    16:55 social links
    17:25 terraformation
    17:55 normal dog
    18:25 cheese battle
    18:55 time ruler
    19:25 reel to eel
    19:55 gao generation
    20:25 wheatbrain
    20:55 bagel pocket
    21:25 sarama
    21:55 jc dental
    22:25 nullphonic
    22:55 iyasu
    23:25 bald
    23:55 scrapper
    24:25 chenzyme
    24:55 twinklenerds
    25:25 hue shift
    25:55 gregory
    26:25 floret
    26:55 shadows
    27:25 woke
    27:55 the bottleneck factory
    28:25 let's sync
    28:55 pocketwatch
    29:25 spiner
    29:55 puppeteer
    30:25 norora
    30:55 fluid balance
    31:25 olive gang
    31:55 beluga
    32:25 ladyfinger
    32:55 lueshi signs a photo of shigeru miyamoto
    33:25 smell ya later Show less
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