• Paranormal Grindtivity (Official Music Video)

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    Paranormal Grindtivity (Official Music Video)

    It’s just egregious
    My grind makes quadraplegics

    It’s sharp as creases
    Causing increases
    In paper flow

    I been where ballers go
    -sign my checks
    I’m out the door

    I’ts the code to go eat
    Where the beef
    -and all tall grass grown

    Verse 1

    Dealin’ dubbs
    On yo posse
    -to keep my paper
    Ted dibiase
    -wanna eat more than me
    Better bring a zombie
    -but i gotta rick grimes id

    Imma high beam
    Paranorm grinding

    -plus the sink
    So the whole thang

    Money clings
    To the things
    I’m investing
    While you resting
    Haters hearts i’m arresting

    I’m impressing
    -to the best things
    -that yo mind dreams
    -with this grind scene

    -your depressing

    When i’m plexing
    Money sexting
    So infesting
    Never resting
    Always flexing

    Imma strong arm
    Bringing mo’ harm
    Be this lou born
    Blow my own horn
    While i’m flexing

    So investing
    Corporate dressing
    With a blessing
    Of the best things

    Cash molesting

    Verse 2

    I hustle with it
    -my pockets
    Bustin’ with it

    My cap is custom fitted

    -haters wanna
    -counterfit it

    I’m so independent

    -self made
    -resident it

    -represent it

    -ghost peppers
    -sprinkled in it

    Leave heads spinning
    Get head got me big grinning

    They mad cause
    They ain’t winning

    Catching paper yo
    -i’m not kidding

    I paper fold
    With the cold
    On the low
    But still in bold

    I’m super throw’d
    For the sco
    So blown
    Off that hydro

    Verse 3

    I’m on that paper chase
    -with the haste of a redline
    Haters really wanna stop my shine
    But to stop my kind
    You need a box that’s pine
    Do the white collar crime
    -mo paper
    -less time

    Racketeering washing money
    Be the frame of mind
    -paper stacking up
    -on a foreign shoreline
    On the grind full time
    With my shine on blind

    -bands in the line
    -like it’s college half time
    Paper getting made
    -so i’m at the front line
    Imma eat the green
    -like a stoner bovine
    Imma change up my detergent
    -then i check my clothes line

    Everthing counts
    Pennies, quarters, nickles, dimes

    Money on incline
    While the haters on decline

    Hustle so sublime
    With a twist like a lime
    Fo’ shots in a line
    Have the next man crying Show less
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