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"Behold the Ultimate Dragon"

615 views 9 months ago
Greetings YouTubian Buddies! I am "Ultimate23Dragon", one of the most diverse YouTubians in the YouTube universe!

Do you like NASCAR, WWE, Game Shows, Pokemon, &/or Yu-Gi-Oh? You have come to the right place! Here you will see a boatload of awesome videos created by little ol' me that depicts opinions, hilarity, mashups, sometimes interesting stuff at my home, & pure awesomeness! If you like to see one of these interests but not the others, no worries! Below are the other channels in the Maromon network!

Botchamania Endings & Back-up Channel:

Part-Time Blog Channel:

All Pokémon Channel:

Also visit my best buds on YouTube! They help me get through everything when I'm having a bad day!... Show less
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Pokémon Battles & themes featuring Ultimate23Dragon & her friends Play

Pokemon is one of my favorite passions, so it is no surprise that some YouTubian Buddies did a hack battle with me, & a few of my buddies too! Try battling with us & see if your battles & teams can match up with my main group... well, all except "Benson" (My Ho-Oh) that is.

In addition, this playlist features the battles featuring my buddy "Cenatwood," my boyfriend "kyogre20," & our battle themes! ;D

ESPN Thrills & Spills Play

One of my all-time favorite racing shows is Thrills & Spills. This is a show I wish ESPN would bring back full-time, & not just for the NHRA. This is a collections of episodes of the famous show that other Youtubian Buddies uploaded. I thank you all for it!
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