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Tyler Ward Music

Tyler Ward - Beginning Of A Bad Idea (Official Music Video)

219,457 views 1 week ago
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Comfortable like an old sweater
Memorable, you just can't forget her
Starting over is the hardest thing to do
History has a way of repeating
Eventually we'll just do the same thing
Starting over is impossible with you

So don't pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it's the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

Loneliness has a way of magnifying this
Feeling that I'm still not, no I'm not over you

So don't pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it's the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea

I'm still in love with you
Guess I'll love you from a distance

So don't pick up anymore
When I call you up
Cause it's the beginning
Of a bad idea
A bad idea


It took a lot of hard work and a lot of great people to make this video happen. A big thank you to 121 Studios ( and a round of applause to all the cast and crew:

Andrew Katers - Ex Girlfriend's Lover
Kelsey Nemechek - Ex-Girlfriend

Exec. Producer - Alicia Cole
Producer/Casting - Justin Lewis
Associate Producer - Becca McGlothin
Director/Casting - Terrell Lamont
1st Assistant Director - Justin Lewis
Director of Photography/Camera - Terrell Lamont
1st Assistant Camera - Alex Gray
Movi Operator - Jon Stevenson
2nd Assistant Camera - Matt Prazak
DIT - 2nd Red Cam Equipment - Van Wampler
Gaffer - Chris Wiegand
Key Grip - Zach Phillips
Grip - Michael Gonzoles
Production Designer & Wardrobe - Heather Rood
Make-up/Hair - P. Rachael Villarreal
Make-up/Hair Assistant - Meghan Villarreal
Catering Manager - Michelle Lewis
Catering Manager Assistant - Christy Warman
Behind the Scenes Videographer - Jeff Rood
Behind the Scenes Photographer - Chris Bates

My 2nd Channel:
Instagram: @TylerWardMusic
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