• DeSmuME 0.9.11 SVN - How To Speed It Up Considerably

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    Hey guys! In this video, I explain what DeSmuME SVNs are, show you where to download DeSmuME 0.9.11 and how to speed it up considerably (in my case, I got INSANE speed ups compared to 0.9.8!), since it is more optimized than the last version and has a brand new option that enables something that will speed up your gameplay a lot better than 0.9.8 did.

    Site with the latest DeSmuME revisions: http://buildbot.orphis.net/...

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    Instructions shown in the video (step by step):

    1. Download DeSmuME 0.9.11 SVN from http://buildbot.orphis.net/....

    2. The file should be a .7z file. If you don't have an archiving program (WinRAR, WinZIP, 7zip, ect.), you will not be able to open this type of file (same goes for .rar, .zip, ect.). If that's the case, you should head over to Google and search for 7zip, click the first link and download the version that matches your computer.

    3. Extract the .7z file.

    4. Run the emulator inside the extracted folder.

    5. Open the Config tab, then go to Frame Skip and uncheck "Limit framerate" (if the game runs too fast, check "Limit framerate" back). After that, come back to Frame Skip and set it to any number (0 = smooth gameplay; the higher the number, the faster and skippier it will be), then uncheck "Auto-minimize skipping" if you can.

    6. In the Config tab, go to Emulation Settings and uncheck every single box except for the one that says "Use dynamic recompiler" (this is the setting that makes almost all the difference). The Block Size (still in Emulation Settings) is set to 100 on default. You can change that number anywhere from 1 to 100 (the closer it is to 1, the more accurate the graphics will be, but the slower the gameplay will be and if it is closer to 100, the graphics will be sacrificed for the performance).

    7. In the Config tab, go to 3D Settings and uncheck the first 3 boxes (leave the Renderer to SoftRasterizer). ONLY uncheck "Enable Line Hack" if you're seeing graphical bugs involving lines.

    8. In the Config tab, go to Sound Settings and change the Interpolation from Linear (typical, sounds good) to None (fastest, sounds bad). To be honest, it doesn't sound bad to me, actually. If it does to you, however, you can switch it back to Linear (typical, sounds good).

    9. In the Config tab, you CAN go to Firmware Settings and change that to whatever you want (honestly, I have no idea what it is for).

    10. In the Config tab, you CAN go to Microphone Settings and change something if you know what it's all about. However, the default settings are fine to me.

    11. In the Config tab, go to Control Config and change your controls to what you want (if your game requires you to move in a special manner, I THINK checking the box "Allow Left+Rt/Up+Dn" will let you do it).

    12. In the Config tab, go to Hotkey Config and change your hotkeys to what you want (I THINK using the "Fast Forward" and "Increase Speed" hotkeys will speed up your gameplay, but I'm not sure. Also, "Toggle Fast Forward" makes it so that you only have to press a key once to activate/deactivate fast forwarding.).

    13. If you wish to make your DeSmuME window bigger, you can either: a: drag the corners of the windows to stretch the window (I do not recommend doing this); b: go to the View tab, then Window Size and choose your option; c: maximize the window by clicking the button next to the X on the top-right hand corner of the window.

    14. You are done! There are still other options that you can change, but those will not affect performance. If there are, however, I will not forget to add them in the description. Thank you so much for watching!



    Q: I did everything you showed in the video, but it's still slow. What did I do wrong?

    A1: If you're on a laptop, you can go to the bottom-right hand corner of your desktop (the taskbar, where it shows the time, your keyboard language, Wi-Fi, ect.) and double-click the battery icon. After that, tick "High Performance" (if you don't see it there, go to "More power options" right underneath the power plans and activate the dropdown that says "Show additional plans". You should see it, now.

    A2: If that still doesn't seem to make it faster, either the ROM you're trying to run is very hard to run or is unoptimized, or your computer isn't good enough. I'm very sorry if that is the case.

    If you have any interesting questions, post them in the comments section below! They might even be featured in this FAQ.


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