• EELG Tribute - 3 years later

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    Please don't mention the name of the show (because of copyright issues).
    I was asked many times to make a second part of the eelG tribute, and I felt like doing another one so... here it is! There are so many things that piss me off about this show that I could make an equally long and heartfelt video pointing them all out, BUT I don't see the point and I want, instead, focus on the things I still love about it: the musical tributes, the tour, many of the covers, the humor, but most of all its cast; this video is less a celebration of eelG as a tvshow, like the first video was, and more a "proud mama moment" for these amazing and talented people. The line between inspiring and pathetic is pretty close and I hope I didn't cross the second one and that the video isn't too cheesy and sentimental. I know it's very (too) long, but this is such a big cast, if I'd made it only 5 or 6 minutes long, I couldn't have give everything and everyone enough space or credit. It is still shorter than Lady Gaga's music videos, right? I made the second part (the one with "Fix you") with such a rush, and you can see that clearly, but I had enough of this and I really wanted to finish it!

    Important note: the video is a generic tribute to the show, but it's still very personal and it is MY answer to the question I often ask myself "why do I still watch eelG?", so if someone or something is missing, it means that I don't like it/them particularly and I didn't have enough passion or knowledge to insert it/them in. Someone else is missing because I didn't have any material to work on (Chord and Jenna to name a few) but anyway...this is the final video, don't yell at me! Mostra meno
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