• #1 Repent, #2 Faith in Christ Alone, #3 Good Works

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    #1 Repent, #2 Faith in Christ Alone, #3 Good works.

    Step #1 does not save you, it only prepares you for salvation because you realize you deserve hell.

    Step #2 instantly and permanently saves you by the spiritual new birth.

    Step #3 is NOT necessary to get saved nor to stay saved. It is ONLY how you should live your life, as a disciple of Jesus Christ: a "Christian." Sinning Christians go to heaven, but they will lose their inheritance of rewards.

    Notice step #1, repentance, is an attitude, not an action. If you stop sinning, this is not repentance. Repentance is a sinner who knows he is a sinner. God does not demand that you "stop sinning" before you can receive Christ. That would make trusting Christ impossible. Attempting to morally clean yourself up in order to be "worthy" of heaven is called self-righteousness, and this attitude is not repentance, it actually disqualifies you from receiving Christ. You must come to Christ as a hopeless sinner.

    Step #2 is not a process, it is a one-time supernatural event. Upon your faith in Christ's atoning sacrifice on the cross for your behalf, you are made born-again by the Holy Spirit and you have eternal life. Eternal life cannot be undone or lost under any circumstances.

    Notice that #2 has absolutely NOTHING to do with water baptism or any other religious ritual. Anyone who relies upon religious rituals for salvation (Campbellites and Catholics) is not saved.

    Religious people have gotten seriously messed up in their understanding of these simple steps by misapplying scripture passages that do not apply to today's Church-Age salvation.

    For example, many are confused by reading Old Testament verses that indicate you must do good deeds and keep the law, and that indicate you can lose salvation. Huge numbers of people are confused upon reading how Jesus Christ told his Jewish audience (prior to his death and resurrection) that they needed to keep the law. There is rampant doctrinal confusion by those who read how Jesus Christ made good works a necessity for those Jews and Nations who will go through the tribulation and live in the millennial era of the Kingdom of Heaven - confused religious people misapply these passages to today and ruin the truth.

    The combination of faith-plus-works is NOT for today, as Paul made perfectly clear in all his epistles.

    Nevertheless, the New Testament books of James, Hebrews, and Revelation, which apply doctrinally to people after the Church-age is completed, actually do contradict Paul's gospel of permanent salvation by free grace and faith alone. Only Paul's gospel is the Christian gospel.

    Foolish people who cannot discern these divisions in the Bible make terrible mistakes, such as reading Acts 2:38 and thinking it applies to Christians when it has nothing whatsoever to do with salvation (it was a message to Jews at the Temple and under the law regarding their national salvation - it has nothing at all to do with gentile Christian salvation).

    The ONLY valid gospel message for our present Church-Age is 100% faith in Christ, and NOTHING else. If anybody preaches anything other than that gospel in this era, before the tribulation, then he is cursed:

    "As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." Galatians 1:9.

    Notice also that believing the gospel is a not a work ("him that worketh not, but believeth" Rom 4:5), no matter what the reformed nuts who follow John Calvin think. They assert an unscriptural heresy that only some men get saved by God's sovereign will, and these few will afterwords believe the gospel. This foolish philosophy has nothing to do with the Bible.

    Notice too that Romans 8:1 in the King James Bible has the correct reading, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." Corrupt modern perversions have left out the second half of that verse, leaving carnal backslidden Christians to mistakenly think that they will experience no condemnation in this life whatsoever, even if they live like the devil. The verse says you must walk in the spirit. A saved man is forever free in his soul from any condemnation of hell solely by free grace given freely by faith in Christ, but to be free in his flesh from condemnation as a man still living an earthly life, he must walk in good conscience before God, including judging himself and letting the Holy Spirit wash his feet as he walks along the dusty pilgrim pathway of this present life.

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