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  • The Message to and from Iceland

    On March 8th 2010 The Very Much So Show suggested to the President of Iceland that the bankers who looted the banks should be arrested.
    Today is May 14,and in an UNPRECEDENTED move Iceland has done just. Biblical Historian E Raymond Capt predicted that one day Iceland would be a Light to the Nations which would begin the collapse of the beast banking system.This was before volcano closed British airports,and Gordon Brown resigned.The Iceland story isn't over.The March 8 videos have been condensed with other video to condense both prediction and events to one video.Iceland according to E Raymond Capt will be the beacon,and light to the nations.Iceland will lead the way into a new epoch creating the tear in the global banking system that will eventually bring it crashing down on itself.Then all nations will follow Icelands lead,discarding the predatory banking system of the 20th Century for a new 21st model of real prosperity. Capt said God chose tiny Iceland as it has no army.This list will chronicle the veracity of these statements! Go Iceland!
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  • No More BP / Shell Oil Spills Needed Play all

    The video of the hemp car running on hemp was once interesting,now it is vital.I was looking at a picture of a bird trying to clean itself,steeped in BRITISH PETROLEUM in it's habitat.The once beautiful white bird was greasy black.It's going to die,along with all the other innocent sea life which is too tragic to even try to think of.WAHHHH !!! Enough of petrodeath oil.They try to tax us for exhaling,and then they spill death in the oceans? me/mourning for all the innocent animals not even knowing what happened as they die.
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  • Watch MORE TV featuring NZ Trillion's Remote Control Freaks Play all

    Ongoing playlist which will be added to as more videos are discovered on YouTube. People need to watch as much TV as they can get their eyeballs on ! Try and watch between 6,or 8 hours a day,and 10 or 12 hours a day on the weekends.You will see your IQ increase EXPONENTIALLY! You will know everything about politics too ! They always tell the REAL truth on TV news about EVERYTHING! Put your brain on autopilot and let the networks do the driving !
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