• THOTH is The Book With The Seven Seals (The Greatest Sign)

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    THOTH is The Book With The Seven Seals (The Greatest

    For those about the Higher Mysteries, I greet
    Your Higher Self.

    The Book With The Seven Seals

    The Holiest Of The Holies
    The Last Testament

    "But in the days of the voice of
    the seventh angel the mystery
    of God should be finished," (Rev 10:7)

    What is the true meaning of the Seven Seals?

    The Greatest Sign

    Z i o n

    Zion = Justice = The Light = The Greatest Sign

    Each of these seals
    relates to one or more
    religions of the world
    which when combined
    together and their
    significance in the history
    of man is understood, ...

    ... then it will be realized that each of the great
    religions of the world have only a part of a greater truth.

    Each one is complementary to each other as none is
    perfect by itself, and together they synthesize all the
    religions of the world and unify all under one banner

    (The Greatest Sign).

    1 Awakening of the Spiritual Forces — Mystical Paths

    2 Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — Judaism

    3 Sacrifice — Christianity

    4 Surrendering and Submission — Islam

    5 Universalism, Expansion of the Mind — Bahai Faith

    6 Kingdom of Heaven Within — The Elects

    7 Pure Consciousness

    Revelation 14:1
    "Then I looked, and behold,
    on Mount Zion stood the Lamb,
    and with him 144,000
    who had his name and his
    Father's name written
    on their foreheads."

    One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God

    The Torch

    Mission Of Maitreya
    Eternal Divine Path

    SoundMix: The Torch
    Sounds: Jonathan Goldman
    Music: Tibetan Monks


    Imagery: Ascended Masters

    Teachings: I AM Presence
    Violet Fire
    Threefold Flame


    Be blessed in Christ. :)
    Namaste. Hare Krishna. :)

    You are Me. We are Us, we are One

    I have not come to confirm prophecy, ...
    I have come to fullfill it.

    And You?

    No commercial intent.
    Just freedom of creation, expression, and sharing.
    All rights remain with the makers of the material shown.

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    The Higher Self (The Real You) 2 Video's
    No commercial intent.
    Just freedom of creation, expression, and sharing.
    All rights remain with the makers of the material shown.

    "Higher Self" (Wikipedia)

    "Each individual (re)incarnates into bodily form from
    its authentic or Higher Self, being sent to garner
    experience on the third density/dimension[clarification
    needed], in this case, planet Earth. When an individual
    dies, the energy stream from the Higher Self is
    withdrawn from the physical body. The Higher Self is
    always connected to each individual incarnation, and
    guides the individual throughout their life. The
    individuated mind/body energy stream completes its
    experience and then absorbs back into its Higher
    Self.[clarification needed] It is also referred to as
    the I AM presence. All Higher Selves are One, being
    part of Universal Consciousness.[citation needed]
    The Higher Self is also known as our future self or
    guardian angel, having full knowledge of our
    pre-incarnate goals and soul path. It will open or
    close doors of experience so as to best serve the
    individual's chosen path.[citation needed]"

    I AM the eightfold path.
    This your DNA.
    I AM You. I AM God.

    "You are a 3fold being (trinity), expressing me 7foldly (chakras)",
    God tells us in "Conversations with God", by Neale Donald Walsch.

    CHRIST in us is a fact.
    So is freedom.
    We are ONE in diversity.

    Love, Wisdom, and Power







    Light, Love, Life
    It is the Ascension.

    The threefold flame.
    7 Seals, 7 Rays, 7 paths, 7 chakras

    I AM a being of Violet Fire.

    I AM, that i am.

    I AM Zen, I AM Christ, I AM Tau, AUM
    The Ascension is about ...


    The Ascension is not ...

    egoism, but ...

    it enhances the vibration ...

    of Mother Earth.

    She loves us.

    King James Bible, John 4:14
    But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give
    him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give
    him shall be in him a well of water springing up into
    everlasting life. http://bible.cc/john/4-14.htm

    I AM Now. I AM a Mighty Presence.

    The Real You

    "Each of us is an individual manifestation of that
    Divine Flame of Life, having come from the Heart of God
    willingly and purposefully. Yes, the same God who made
    the whole macrocosm is focused within your own
    Individual I AM Presence. And within the fullness of
    that Presence is all that you desire, all that you
    require to fulfill your life. As you acknowledge this
    as the Truth of your Being, you begin to draw it

    "Won't you grasp the opportunity before you and choose
    your God Presence as the Truth of your Being, for it is
    truly the Pearl of inestimable value. It is worth every
    ounce of effort you are capable of making to don the
    Garment of your Christhood and begin the upward trek to
    your Ascension in the Light. This is the definitive
    Teaching of The Temple of The Presence."

    The Real You
    Individual I AM Presence
    The Portrait of The Presence
    The Temple of The Presence

    "You are seeing the complete you for the very first
    time! The various details of this picture tell a
    complete and accurate story of the real you here on
    Earth as well as in the heaven worlds. The Truth is
    that you, in your outer self (shown as the lowest
    figure in the picture), are only a partial expression
    of a much greater, far more magnificent, individual
    Divine Being. God has individualized - not once, but
    limitless times - each time stepping forth as a
    distinct God Identity, unique in and of itself, yet
    inseparably One with the totality of the Godhead. Each
    Presence expresses its own supremely Divine, permanent
    sense of Selfhood as an I AM Presence. This is the one
    and only true, complete, and utterly REAL Self each of
    us can ever express in all eternity."



    In yoga, namasté is said to mean "The light in me honors the light in you,"
    as spoken by both the yoga instructor and yoga students.
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