• My vagina looks like a turkey - with Hannah Witton

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    Girls rarely sit down with some cocktails, spread their legs, and compare the aesthetics of their vaginas.

    We're not suggesting you all have a mass spread-and-share sesh, but one of the problems of always keeping your vagina tucked away is...realising that lots of other women DON'T have tucked away vaginas.

    In fact, we're contacted by worried women ALL THE TIME, freaking out because their vaginas look like a turkey. Yep, a turkey
    Not, like a whole turkey. But, every day, we have young people stressing that their vaginal lips look like the neck of a turkey. And we're here to tell you HOW NORMAL THIS IS!

    So where do we get this idea that all vagina's are discreet little slits with minimal flappage?

    Well, there's porn...that brilliant pinnacle of sexual realism. But lots of porn actresses have had actual plastic surgery on their bits to make them look less flappy. And plastic surgeons worrying about the stark rise in demand for 'designer vagina' surgery have said lots of clients bring in photos of their 'dream vagina, without realising the photo has been seriously digitally altered. Basically they're asking for vaginas that don't really exist! Or, if they do, they only represent a small section in the giant SPECTRUM OF FLAPS?

    And what else is part of the problem? School text books! I mean, what the HELL is if with those alien looking diagrams. Not a flap in sight!!

    Normal normal normal normal normal normal.

    Seriously though we know that sometimes just hearing it's normal, doesn't make you automatically feel OK about it. So, here are our top 3 tips for starting to love your turkeyish vagina. Or any vagina! In fact, if your vagina DOESN'T look like a turkey, and you're starting to feel left out, these tips work for you too.

    The unknown is scary. And if you've only taken a quick, horrified look down there - it's no wonder you're not feeling the love for the flaps.
    We suggest taking a small mirror, locking your bedroom door, and just having a bit of a...viewing session with your vagina. Remember, it's likely whatever you're seeing is normal. And every worry you're having is similar to thousands of girls all over the place. ALL your vaginas can't be wrong, so maybe it's society's odd interpretations of visible media vaginas that is wrong.

    Here is the only appropriate response to someone being allowed into your vaginal zone.

    "Whoooooop! Yes! I am so freaking lucky to even be allowed NEAR this vagina. This lovely beautiful vagina. Can I have your vagina's autograph?" Well, OK. Maybe not exactly like that, but you get our drift.

    Basically, there are decent loving people out there, whose only thought when they get into your knickers is 'GET IN'. Anyone else - anyone making nasty comments or pulling any faces - DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN YOUR PANTS. Seriously. This is their problem. They're the arsehole. It has nothing to do with your vagina.
    Look, if you’re really worried, you can always go to your GP and ask them to check things out. You can always ask for a female doctor if you’re shy about whacking it out. Sometimes very large vaginal lips can cause health problems, so if things are hurting down there, do book an appointment. But often you’ll find they’ll just be reassuring you like you’re like everybody else.

    So, in short, yes, your vagina looks a bit like a turkey. But this is OK. And if you have any other worries about your vagina – whether that’s the colour of it, the smell of it, or what to do with your pubes – click on the link below for more advice.

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