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  • R.I.P ★ - Halo 1 - Making a Gold Elite Lose his Sword - Glitch tutorial

    555K views 6 years ago
    Jump to 3:59 to skip the tutorial and just see the swordless elite

    Showing how to make a gold sword elite lose his sword. Text tutorial:

    Do this on Easy difficulty.
    1. Perform the bridge jump ( Video tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watc... )
    2. Position the first ghost(the one next to the pelican) in the hallway after the first elevator
    3. Snag a banshee and fly back up to the bridge, triggering the goldie
    4. Have the goldie chase you to the elevator, press the button and have him go down with you.
    5. Let him hit you once, and then before he gets to hit you again hit him with a charged plasma psitol shot. If you time it right you should make it to the bottom floor alive.
    6. Have him chase you to the hallway with the ghost, and have him get blocked by it.
    7. Go outside and grab one of the 2 ghosts that are dead ahead. Bring it back to the hallway.
    8. Have the goldie jump over the first ghost, he will then enter the second(you can skip a step by finding an enterable ghost and using it in the first place, the one you see me use will work, but he can't get in to all of them)
    9. Using the banshee from before, knock him out of the ghost. He will now have know sword, but will continue to look at you.
    10. OPTIONAL If you put the ghost near him again, he will get in it. If you knock him back out again he will be able to move around and melee you.

    Edit: Here is the original tutorial made by MadSpartan. It is simpler, and has less steps.

    1. Play AOTCR on easy (it's much easier this way, you can play any other difficulties if you want, but it will just take longer)

    2. Play the level until you get to the first bridge with the gold elite.

    Lure him along with you (I suggest you play co-op, beacuse he has this thing with stabbing you)

    3. Bring him down the elevator and keep having him follow you outside

    NOTE: If he suddenly freezes and doesn't move, just move on to the next load zone, he should unfreeze, you can have some fun with him by coating him with needlers grenades etc. and he'll go flying.

    4. Once outside, steal one of the ghosts, and bring it to him.

    5. get out, and let him get it.

    6. flip the ghost and knock him out of it.

    7. stare in awe as he stand there with no weapon, and randomly sits down, kinda like how the elites look in the halo inversety mod (if anyone have ever seen it) when they're on the gun turrets. He will bob up and down randomly, maybe run after you, but he usually just stands around.

    UPDATE: This can be done on Anniversary Edition, check it:


    UPDATE 2: I found the original thread in which MadSpartan first reported this glitch, check it out here: http://ducain.org/archive_f...


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