You again?!

(Sorry Itachi, but I have to keep this stuff in check!)

Whatever. If you want to use my account lady, feel free.

(Thank you Itachi-sama! I'll make sure to keep myself in parenthesis ok?)

Sure, but now I need to leave.

(Yeah... Bye. Oh, and I didn't make the picture for the back ground or for when we post! Sorry if anyone thought other-wise.)

Who said I was actually going to leave, and... why is the background of...?

(Oh, that's Alucard.)


(From Hellsing.)


(He's cool, don't worry.)

I'm not worried.

(Uhhhhh.... -coughIdo- -coughnot- -coughownyou- -coughIta- -coughchi-)

Do you need medicine or something?

(No, I'm good... oh and look at this awesome comment I found! 

Music is the only industry where you can be a complete drug addict 2 time felon throw your life away uneducated bastard and still be successful and people will actually adore you. 

I think that one is awesome.)
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