• People Change - Jimmy P. (Official Music Video)

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    "People Change" performed by Jimmy P.
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    [Hook 2X: Jimmy P.]
    People change for that money - you can tell as soon as you meet them
    And 2Pac wanted changes but honestly, I don't see them
    Sometimes it feels hopeless, but I've got to maintain focus
    Because sometimes people change for the better -- everyone's too blind to notice

    [Verse 1: Jimmy P.]
    Turn on the evening news, they'll start off with "Good evening"
    Then talk about murder and robbery so honestly I can't see it
    How am I supposed to feel in my surroundings? Just take a good look around me
    Got a fever and my head is just pounding, I'm sick because this shit is astounding
    Like why the heck do I bother? Want to pack my bags and get out of state
    Because one my friends is so desperate, she's doing cocaine just to lose weight
    I lie awake and I'm restless, can't sleep because there's too many questions
    Please let me get the Smith and Wesson, I'll put an end to this stressing
    Got a friend caught right in the streetlight, how do you expect me to sleep at night?
    We all need to start making changes, that way we can start to see peace, right?
    It might've been you to make the first move, lead by example - it'll go smooth
    Don't know how much more I can go through, you say there's change but there's no proof

    [Hook 2X]

    [Verse 2: Jimmy P.]
    The one snorting coke on the changing table in the back of the Wal-Mart bathroom
    Is usually the one that wanted to have fun at the trap but sat in the back of the classroom
    The one writing letters to the penitentiary, I'm calling her the dope of the century
    Giving up life for a man she'll never see again, that's the ish that doesn't make sense to me
    I try to relax myself but I have to tell everything happening making me stressed
    See them dropping out of school, they were failing anyway but I bet they can pass a pregnancy test
    It's all work, no recess, no playtime if you stick to crime
    I ain't hard to find, if you think I'm lying, try to prove me wrong and I'll be right every time
    It's hard out just thinking bout, these people changing, yo check this out
    A fan came up and thanked me, for pointing out little things people can't see
    People ask me all the time why I do music, because I've got a mind - I ain't scared to use it
    I'ma go pursue it, people are changing, you think I'm crazy but they see right through us

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