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    In the Nightside Eclipse was the first full-length album and fourth official release by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Emperor. It features one of Emperor's best-known songs, "I Am the Black Wizards". It was recorded in July, 1993 at Grieghallen and released in 1994 by Candlelight Records. The cover was drawn by "Necrolord", also known as Kristian Wåhlin. The album is considered a landmark in the black metal scene, with some considering it to be one of the best black metal albums ever made. This was also the last album to feature drummer Faust and the only one to feature one-time bassist Tchort.

    In 1999, the album was remastered and re-released, with two cover songs as bonus tracks. The first bonus track is the Bathory song "A Fine Day to Die". The second is the song "Gypsy" by Mercyful Fate. For the re-release, the opening tracks "Intro" and "Into the Infinity of Thoughts" were combined, and the album came packed in a paper slipcase to cover the traditional jewel case, both featuring the same artwork.

    Track listing 1. "Intro" - 0:51
    2. "Into the Infinity of Thoughts" -- 8:14
    3. "The Burning Shadows of Silence" -- 5:36
    4. "Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times" -- 6:06
    5. "Beyond the Great Vast Forest" -- 6:01
    6. "Towards the Pantheon" -- 5:57
    7. "The Majesty of the Night Sky" -- 4:54
    8. "I Am the Black Wizards" -- 6:01
    9. "Inno a Satana" -- 4:48

    Credits * Ihsahn -- guitars, vocals, keyboards * Samoth -- guitars * Tchort - bass * Faust - drums * Charmand Grimloch - keyboards ("Gypsy" only) * Trym - Drums ("Gypsy" and "A Fine Day to Die" only) * Alver - bass ("Gypsy" and "A Fine Day to Die" only) * Music written by Ihsahn & Samoth. * Lyrics by Mortiis, Ihsahn & Samoth
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  • Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory Play all

    Gates to Purgatory is the first album by Running Wild. It predates their piracy themes and mostly has satanically influenced lyrics but also features song with anarchic and libertarian (in the sense of European libertarianism) themes.

    Track listing 1. "Victim of States Power" -- 3:36
    2. "Black Demon" -- 4:25
    3. "Preacher" -- 4:22
    4. "Soldiers of Hell" -- 3:23
    5. "Diabolic Force" -- 4:58
    6. "Adrian S.O.S." -- 2:49
    7. "Genghis Khan" -- 4:11
    8. "Prisoner of Our Time" -- 5:22

    The following tracks appeared on the CD release: 1. "Walpurgis Night" -- 4:09 (This track is cut off very close to the end due to the condition of the master tape on most releases)
    2. "Satan" -- 5:00

    Trivia * The sludge metal band Kingdom of Sorrow made a cover of the song "Soldiers of Hell" in their album Behind the Blackest Tears.
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  • Accept - Live At Donnington Play all

    Audio recording of German Metal band Accept performing "Son of a Bitch" live at the Donnington Monsters of Rock Festival on August 18th, 1984.
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