• Asura's Wrath - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 19 - True Episode 18 - (Unlockable Episode)

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    hit the like button for the final episode (until DLC comes out) Part 19 - True Episode 18 Unlockable Episode This is the true Episode 18/ending of episode 18 in Asura's Wrath you need to have 5 levels completed with an S ranking to unlock it. I start off from when I get burst mode as the rest of the episode is the same as Part 18 (episode 18 bar the ending)

    Asura's Wrath Gameplay Walkthrough (Gameplay and Commentary) Let's Play / Playthrough with live commentary in HD by TheM1ssingLink on Xbox 360 and PS3

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    Asura was once a revered general of the Gods who defeated an enemy known as the Gohma. Returning from the war, Asura was summoned to the Emperor's throne. But to his horror, Asura finds the Emperor has been murdered and he has been accused of the crime. After escaping imperial forces, Asura rushes home to protect his family only to find his beloved wife Durga dead and his daughter Mithra kidnapped. In his rage, Asura pursues his former allies who have Mithra contained in a glass capsule. As Asura charges to save his child, Asura is repulsed by the God Deus, who reveals himself to be the Emperor's murderer so he can bring about what he calls "The Great Rebirth". Weakened by Deus' attacks, Asura is dropped over the edge of the platform and falls to Earth while swearing to exact his vengeance.
    Twelve millenia later, Asura is awakened from hibernation by the prayers of a young girl in the mountains. After saving the girl from a pack of ape-like creatures, Asura ventures through the world battling the forces of the Gods as he fights to save Mithra from Deus and the Seven Deities, his former allies who now rule Heaven and have been using Mithra's powers to amplify their own. Along his journey, Asura will combat Heaven's soldiers, ferocious wild life, giant battleships, and other powerful foes. It is by that time as Asura's former friend Yasha begins to see the injustice in Deus's ways and attempts to stop the Seven Deities' cause.

    Asura's Wrath
    Asura's Wrath Gameplay
    Asura's Wrath Walkthrough
    Asura's Wrath Part 19
    Asura's Wrath Ending
    Asura's Wrath Walkthrough Part 19
    Asura's Wrath Gameplay Part 19
    Asura's Wrath Episode 18
    Asura's Wrath Episode 18 - The True Ending
    Asura's Wrath Lets Play
    Asura's Wrath HD gameplay
    Asura's Wrath Ending
    True Ending
    A Turn of Events
    Vlitra Core
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