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    So its definitely WAAYYYY to long, I haven't posted anything anywhere in a long time, but here's something to listen to! I made this song and its entirety about three weeks ago, but I wanted to share it to my pony fans as well, if you guys didn't know I have made a non-pony youtube page which I hope I get you guys to go check out! This song is meaningful, and it is close to the heart, sorry its not pony themed but hey, we all face problems and I'm sure the mane six does to, so you can apply it.
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    LYRICS -

    You find yourself alone
    Inside these hollow tones
    But why can't I find who I am?

    VERSE 1
    Look, your on the outside looking in
    Oblivious to all the tragedy thats happening
    I found this side of me I didn't know and I'm tapping in
    And now these people wanna use me like an acronym
    But they should factor in

    The situations I was placed in as a underling
    The side of me that hides behind the failures wondering
    What am I to do because the sky I love is thundering
    Its raining cats and dogs and I just stand here suffering?

    No, I'll find the pieces and complete and just wonder why?
    I lost my hope so long ago and now the limits the sky
    Because I found my inspiration hidden deep inside
    I had to realize what I wasn't and just fix it, try

    The worlds opened up to me
    I found the reasons to continue now my thoughts are free
    No key can lock these broken doors as far as I can see
    But I've figured out the way to get there and what I want to be

    You find yourself alone
    Inside these hollow tones
    But why can't I find who I am? (Oh find out who I am)
    I know I never really gave it my all
    My way of thinking really dropped the ball
    But now its time again to fix these broken walls

    VERSE 2
    I know
    Your lost, alone, and feeling hatred in your bones
    You wanna run but you can never find the way to go
    Its like you lost a part of you that had the only hope
    Its like you found a noose to hang but its not made of rope

    Its made of empty thoughts, broken dreams and now it rots
    You built this trendy house, spoken words but you forgot
    Its not about the profit I'm cool with empty pockets
    But why can't you get by with 9 to 5s or in the office

    See your all addicted to the same routine
    Of sitting in your chair or staring at an empty screen
    I know cause that was me, so broke and no more dreams
    To push me further in my work to finally fight the stream

    There's nowhere to fight the demons so lose yourself in feelings
    I lost myself so long ago but now I finally feel it
    Just building up inside, bubbling over in my mind
    About to overload on crap I know I always pushed aside

    VERSE 3
    See you all thought I was just a joke
    But now you see that I have passion a knack for those
    Lyrics that I write as far as I know I'm dope
    I'm not some arrogant rapper that just drinks and smokes

    I put my heart into my music and what I wrote
    For what it is I'm just a kid who just wants to know
    What I have to do to get where I want to go
    Cause that's just who I am and that was my story, told Show less
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